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We prepare educators and support the lifelong learning of professionals to embrace diversity and to be intellectually and ethically strong, resilient, and passionate in their work with Alaska's learners, families, and communities.

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Welcome to the College of Education!

My Amazing Story

Hello, I am Paul Deputy, the dean of the College of Education. My amazing story is that I was called out of retirement to lead the College of Education and further the substantial initiatives that the faculty and staff have started. In addition to offering a number of degrees, certificates, and minors, many of which have been recently revised and implemented, we continue to reach out and strengthen our foundation for undergraduate and graduate education. One notable effort is the Teaching & Learning program which is experiencing amazing growth and vitality. Early Childhood rocks with a job rate of nearly 100% for students who graduate. I could tell you amazing things about each program and you will hear more about them over time.

Your Amazing Stories

When I first visited the Campus in March 2015, I was struck by the theme, "Amazing Stories." When you think about it, each individual is a unique miracle who was born different than anybody who ever lived, or who ever will. You may not think of yourself as amazing, but you are. Who could tell stories of who you are, what you do, and your vision for contributing to others better than you? I have already met so many amazing people in the time that I've been here and I can't wait to meet even more.

COE Amazing Stories

UAA professor Hattie Harvey co-authors article on interplay between executive function skills and early mathematics

UAA assistant professor Hattie Harvey, Ph.D., co-authored the article, “Executive Function Skills, Early Mathematics, and Vocabulary in Head Start Preschool Children,” published earlier this month in the Journal of Early Education and Development with a colleague from the University of Denver. This article provides evidence of the interplay between developing executive function skills and early mathematics, with the finding that vocabulary skills were a stronger predictor of mathematics ability over and above executive function skills. Read the article at

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College of Education Amazing Stories

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  • COE Motto

    Preparing Educators to Transform Lives 

  • COE Mission
    We prepare educators and support the lifelong learning of professionals to embrace diversity and to be intellectually and ethically strong, resilient, and passionate in their work with Alaska's learners, families, and communities.
  • COE Core Values
    • Intellectual Vitality: Professional educators examine diverse perspectives, engage in research and scholarship, contribute to knowledge and practice, and apply innovations in technology.
    • Collaborative Spirit: Professional educators generate, welcome, and support the collaborative relationships and partnerships that enrich peoples' lives.
    • Inclusiveness and Equity: Professional educators create and advocate for learning communities that advance knowledge and ensure the development, support, and inclusion of peoples' abilities, values, ideas, languages, and expressions.
    • Leadership: Professional educators are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior in their roles, using professional expertise to improve the communities in which they live and work, and demonstrating the ability to translate theories and principles into transformative educational practice. 
  • COE Vision

    We are a community of educators dedicated to improving the quality of education and preparing educators to transform lives. Through innovative teaching, research, service, and leadership, we:

    • provide direction that inspires learning, informs the state's educational policy and research agendas, and addresses the challenges of Alaska;
    • call upon diverse cultural knowledge, values, and ways of learning and viewing the world, especially those of Alaska Natives, in order to promote the intellectual, creative, social, emotional, and physical development of educators, learners, families, and communities;
    • contribute to educators' understanding of development and learning from childhood through maturity and respond to the challenges of providing learning across the lifespan;
    • transform the beliefs and practices of educators, families, and communities in order to address the wide spectrum of human abilities in compassionate and innovative ways;
    • prepare educators with appropriate knowledge, skills, and dispositions in the judicious use of technology to enhance learning;
    • focus relentlessly on student learning; and
    • engage in dynamic partnerships with the university, community groups, and urban and rural educators to improve the quality of education in Alaska.
  • COE Accreditation

    The College of Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), This accreditation covers initial teacher preparation programs and advanced educator preparation programs. However, the accreditation does not include individual education courses that the institution offers to P-12 educators for professional development, relicensure, or other purposes.NCATE