COE Faculty member Dr. Kathryn Ohle has been selected as one of the Alaska Center for the Book’s winners for the 2016 Contributions to Literacy in Alaska (CLIA) awards! 

Over the past 23 years, Alaska Center for the Book has presented CLIA awards to more than 75 people and agencies who have made significant contributions to literacy, the literary arts, and preservation of the spoken and written word in Alaska. Winners have included teachers, librarians, authors, tutors, organizations and others dedicated to making the world a better place through the gift of language. The selection committee was impressed by the program Kathryn led to provide children’s books in Alaska Native languages via Unite for Literacy. As one committee member said, “She saw the need and created the project and steered it to success.  That’s the kind of thinking and initiative we want to honor.”

CLIA Award

The College of Education is involved in a wide variety of community projects, research, and state partnerships. Click an option below to view a recent example.

  • Supporting the Preservation of Native Languages and Encouraging Early Literacy with Children's Books

    Professor Kathryn Ohle's project "Supporting the Preservation of Native Languages and Encouraging Early Literacy with Children's Books" seeks to provide children's books to families, children, and teachers in Alaska Native languages through the use of a free digital library with translated texts, as delivered through

    Kathryn Ohle Selkregg Award 2015 project video


  • Professional Learning Groups

    With support from the Center for Community Engagement & Learning (including Student Engaged Community Assistants), Dr. Hattie Harvey provides Professional Learning Groups for preschool teachers in the Anchorage School District. The Professional Learning Groups include: The Implementation of the Creative Curriculum (2014-2015), Learning Through Play (2015-2016), and Using Evidence-Based Approaches in Early Childhood Curriculum (2016-2017).

     Learning Through Play

    Learning Through Children's Play - Callie Akins and Dr. Hattie Harvey

  • Special Education Service Learning Projects

    Krista James in the College of Education Special Education program has incorporated service learning into many of her courses. Students in EDSE 212 painted faces at the Anchorage Walk for Autism and students in EDSE 212 and EDSE 635 served as "buddies" for the contestants in the Alaska Miss Amazing Pageant. In addition, students in EDSE 635 participated in a service learning project where they captioned videos for local non-profits.

    Miss Amazing Pagent

    Miss Amazing

  • Educational Leadership: Junior Educator Academy

    The Educational Leadership program took part in the Junior Educator Academy at Clark Middle School. This 10-week immersion program provided an introduction to teaching and the teaching profession. It was offered at no charge by the Educational Leadership Department from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, College of Education, in partnership with Clark Middle School, to encourage exceptional 7th and 8th grade students who are considering a career in education. The program featured an exciting integrated approach towards understanding the skills, knowledge, behaviors and scholarship necessary to be successful educators.

    Throughout the year, UAA College of Education faculty and students joined a group of future educators on a Saturday to accomplish two goals

    1. To cultivate and support students who are interested in education-related careers. Session facilitators, through hands-on experiences cultivated skills and knowledge to support students’ on-going success through high school graduation and into college.
    2. To enhance the strong educational setting at Clark Middle School by helping to shape students’ educational and postsecondary planning that aligns with a desired career.
  • Project LEAP

    Project LEAP (Language, Equity and Academic Performance) is an ESL endorsement for Alaska certified K-6 Teachers in partnership with the Anchorage School District, Juneau School District, and Mat-Su School District. This program has 80% subsidized tuition through grant funding. Students learn how to foster English language proficiency and academic achievement for the English Language Learners (ELLs) in their classroom with a concentration on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

    Through this program students learn to:

    • Foster English language proficiency and academic achievement for the English Language Learners (ELLs) in your classroom.
    • Integrate English language skills into Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) curriculum.
    • Support ELLs with interrupted schooling.
    • Promote strong literacy skills for ELLs.
    • Create a classroom culture that supports ELLs.
    • Strengthen family involvement by creating school-community

    Learn more about this unique Graduate Certificate in Language Education

    A Partnership among Anchorage School District, Juneau School District, and Mat-Su School District

  • The Center for Research and Alaska Native Education

    The Center for Research and Alaska Native Education (CRANE) is dedicated to the belief that a better future for Alaska Native peoples requires a transformation of current educational systems. Alaska Native cultures, societies, organizations and peoples bring thousands of years of knowledge, insights and understandings about the lands, waters, and dynamics of Alaska.  A transformation of the educational systems for Alaska Native students requires an integration of Alaska Native cultures and languages from preschool to graduate school.  The Center will serve as a space where graduate students, faculty, researchers, Alaska Native leaders and all others dedicated to Alaska Native education and pedagogy can gather to imagine and shape systemic change.

  • Online Tutoring partnership with Lake and Peninsula School District

    The College of Education at UAA is proud to be partnering with Lake and Peninsula School District for online tutoring of K12 students. UAA COE’s course, EDFN 210 Data-Informed Instruction: Online Tutoring, focuses on culturally responsive pedagogy and application of assessment data to inform lesson planning for tutoring sessions. Online tutoring sessions are delivered one-on-one via Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing twice a week for a half hour. Based on the data provided on their student, our tutors develop lesson plans and activities which they then load into Collaborate to give the students a chance to interact with the material using the tools in Collaborate. 

    Lake and Pen's tutoring coordinator, Linda Richter, works closely with teachers in her district to identify students in need of one-on-one tutoring and collects data about the students to provide to our tutors. The process of matching university tutors with K12 students is a complicated process of fitting tutor strengths with student needs and teacher's classroom time with our tutor's availability. Throughout the semester, our tutors communicate with the K12 teacher of their student and Lake and Pen tutoring coordinator regularly. 

    Through this course and partnership, our hope is to begin to build a pathway to teaching in rural Alaska. Many other districts have expressed interest in getting involved once we have enough tutors. In addition to EDFN 210, some College of Education faculty are offering online tutoring as an option in their courses. Students in this program shared a little about their experience on the Online Tutoring ePortfolio.