2017-2018 Professional Development Seminars

Fall 2017

Date Topic Presenter Livestream PDH Eligible*
9/1/17 Prof. Aaron Dotson (UAA) Livestream  1.0
9/8/17 Pat Cotter (PDC Engineers) Livestream  1.0

Bob Anderson, P.E. (DOT&PF)
Presenter FAQ Handout

Livestream 1.0
9/22/17 Angela Smith & Colleen Moran (PDC Engineers) Livestream  1.0
9/29/17 Prof. Sebastian Neumayer (UAA) Livestream  1.0
10/6/17 Matt Emerson, Eric Bridgman, Steve Theno & Christine Swanson (PDC Engineers) livestream  1.0
Jim Jager, Director, External Affairs (The Port of Anchorage)
livestream  1.0

Karen Brady (PDC Engineers)

 livestream 1.0
10/27/17 Prof. Ahmed AbuHussein (UAA) livestream 1.0
11/3/17 Stephanie Mormilo (Municipality of Anchorage)  livestream  1.0
11/10/17 Prof. Lin Li (UAA) livestream  1.0
11/17/17 Materials Compatibility Issues in Corrosive Environments Prof. Raghu Srinivasan (UAA) livestream 1.0
Dr. Alex Hills livestream 1.0
12/8/17 G. Craig Freas, P.E. (AECOM Alaska Operations) livestream  1.0
12/15/17 Richard Bailey (Stephl Engineering) livestream  1.0

2018 Spring Semester

Date Topic Presenter Livestream PDH Eligible*
1/19/18 AMATS Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Update Jessica Szelag (Alta Planning)/Joni Wilm (AMATS - Municipality of Anchorage) Livestream  1.0
1/26/18 Looking Beyond Culture: Success Factors for Collaborative Cross-Border Multiparty Projects

James Hemsath (AIDA)





2/2/18 Arctic-Capable Coastal Geomorphic Change Modeling Michael Ulmgren (UAA) and Euan Angus-MacLeod Livestream


2/9/18 Alaska Water-Sewer Challenge Heather Gross, P.E. (Summit Consulting) and Chase Nelson, P.E. (DOWL) Livestream  1.0
2/16/18 Injectable Bentonite Inhibitors for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Prof. Matt Cullin (UAA) Livestream  1.0
2/23/18 Elements of Modern Hard-rock Mine Bob Loeffler, Visiting Professor of Public Policy at UAA's Institute of Social and Economic Research Livestream


3/2/18 The Exciting Journey from Idea to Invention Dr. Helena Wisniewski, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies; Dean of the Graduate School (UAA) Livestream  1.0
3/9/2018 Key Issues for Arctic Security Research Randy "Church" Kee, Maj. Gen. USAF (ret), Executive Director of Arctic Domain Awareness Center (ADAC) Livestream 1.0
3/23/18 Snow Cover in Alaska: Comprehensive Review Kurt Meehleis (UAA Graduate Student) Livestream  1.0
3/30/18 Growing Insulation from Fungus and Forestry By-Products Joey Yang (UAA) Livestream  1.0
4/6/18 Hard-Rock Mines: Understanding Water Quality Issues and Protection Bob Loeffler (ISER) Livestream  1.0
4/20/18 Cohousing: An Engineering Perspective Melissa Branch, P.E. (Big City Engineers) Livestream  1.0
4/27/18 Improving Sanitation in Urban GER Area of Mongolia - Technical Options Study James Crum, P.E. (CCE Engineering) Livestream  1.0