2020 Schedule

Summer Engineering Academies

Daily Schedule

The Academies' daily schedule is from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Participants must be picked up by 3:15 pm. Lunch is served around 11:15 am and provided at no extra cost to participants. The Academies do not provide additional snacks throughout the day, though participants are welcome to bring their own snacks (excluding peanuts). A short recess period is held directly after lunch, ending at about 12:30 pm. Please ensure that participants are dressed for the weather. Participants spend the rest of the day either in their assigned classrooms or in nearby labs.

On Wednesdays, participants go on a field trip from about 10:45 am to 1:30 pm. Participants walk about 1 mile to the Gorsuch Commons for lunch. Before or after lunch, participants will also view a film at the UAA Planetarium. If participants need assistance with the walk, please inform us as soon as possible.

On Fridays, parents, friends, and family are welcome to enjoy lunch with the students at 12:00 pm. After lunch, we invite everyone to walk back to the assigned classroom to watch the final competitions or exhibitions held from about 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. We ask all participants to help with clean-up after the final event. There is no requirement that family be present for lunch or the competition, but we highly encourage it.

Summer Schedule

Table of UAA Summer Engineering Academies 2020 Schedule
Dates Academy Grade Level


 June 1-5 LEGO Robotics Jr


Ms. Tammy Hanley
June 1-5 LEGO Robotics for Ladies 6-8 Ms. Elaine Todd
 June 8-12 3D-Printed Robotics: Coding 7-9 Mr. Ben McLuckie
June 8-12 3D-Printed Robotics: 3D Printing 7-9 Dr. Scott Hamel
 June 15-19 Tetrix Robotics 6-8 Mr. Ben McLuckie
June15-19 LEGO Robotics 6-8 Ms. Retta Woolfenden
 June 22-26 Tetrix Robotics 9-12 Mr. Ben McLuckie
June 22-26 LEGO Robotics *MAT-SU* 6-8 Ms. Retta Woolfenden
  4th of July Week - No Camp
 July 6-10 Structure Destruction *MAT-SU* 6-8 Dr. Scott Hamel
July 6-10 Rust & Rot: Corrosion Chemistry 6-8 Dr. Raghu Srinivasan
 July 13-17 LEGO Robotics 5-6 Ms. Tammy Hanley
July 13-17 Wing Aerodynamics   6-8 Dr. Jifeng Peng
 July 20-24 Graphics & Gaming: Block Coding 6-8 Dr. Sebastian Neumayer
July 20-24 Busting Bridges 7-9 Dr. Scott Hamel
July 27-31 Graphics & Gaming: Text Coding 9-12 Dr. Sebastien Neumayer
July 27-31 Graphics & Gaming: Block Coding *MAT-SU* 6-8 Dr. Kenrick Mock

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