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Civil Engineering Faculty and Staff

Joey Yang
Professor and Department Chair
(907) 786 - 6431
EIB 301N
Osama Abaza
(907) 786 - 6117
EIB 301L
Matthew Calhoun
Assistant Professor
(907) 786 - 6098
EIB 301O
Aaron Dotson
Associate Professor
(907) 786 - 6041
EIB 301Q
Utpal Dutta
Associate Professor
(907) 786 - 1952
EIB 301U
Scott Hamel
Associate Professor
(907) 786 - 1070
EIB 301S
Wael Hassan
Associate Professor
(907) 786 - 1922
EIB 301W
Gary Kretchik
Adjunct Professor
Off Campus
Robert Lang
Associate Professor
Tom Ravens
Professor and Associate Dean of Research
(907) 786 - 1943
EIB 301P
Orson Smith
Associate Professor
Off Campus
Thomas Varney
Adjunct Professor
Off Campus
Vinod Vasudevan
Associate Professor
(907) 786 - 0311
EIB 301R
Michele Yatchmeneff
Assistant Professor
(907) 786 - 1853
EIB 301M
Hannele Zubeck
(907) 786 - 1970
Off Campus
Angie Bishop
Administrative Manager
(907) 786 - 5475
EIB 301A

Civil Engineering Main Office:
EIB 301 suite
2900 Spirit Drive
Anchorage, AK,99508

p: 907-786-1900
f: 907-786-1079