Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Admission Requirements

Satisfy the Application and Admission Requirements for Baccalaureate Programs.


Students are required to develop their program with a computer science advisor.

Graduation Requirements

Major Requirements

Core Courses
CSCE A201Computer Programming I4
CSCE A211Computer Programming II4
CSCE A222Object-Oriented Programming I3
CSCE/EE A241Computer Hardware Concepts4
CSCE A248Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming3
CSCE A311Data Structures and Algorithms3
CSCE A321Operating Systems3
CSCE A331Programming Language Concepts3
CSCE A351Automata, Algorithms and Complexity3
CSCE A360Database Systems3
CSCE A365Computer Networks3
CSCE A401Software Engineering3
CSCE A465Computer and Network Security3
CSCE A470Computer Science and Engineering Capstone Project3
Required Support Courses
MATH A221Applied Calculus for Managerial and Social Sciences3-4
or MATH A251 Calculus I
MATH A261Introduction to Discrete Mathematics3
STAT A253Applied Statistics for the Sciences4
or STAT A307 Probability and Statistics
ENGL A313Professional Writing3
or ENGL A414 Research Writing
or ENGL A478 Public Science Writing
PHIL A305Professional Ethics3
Upper Division Credits **12
  • A minimum grade of C must be received in all CSCE, MATH and STAT courses required to satisfy the above program requirements.
  • All computer science majors must take a standardized test of knowledge of computer science approved by the CS faculty for the purpose of evaluating program effectiveness. There is no minimum score required for graduation. This test will normally be taken during the senior year.

A total of 120 credits is required for the degree, of which 42 credits must be upper-division.

Honors in Computer Science

Students majoring in computer science are eligible to graduate with departmental honors if they satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Meet the requirements for Graduation with Honors.
  2. Meet the requirements for a BA in Computer Science.
  3. Earn a grade point average of 3.50 or above in the major requirements.