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Excellence in Geomatics - CRITICAL NEED!

This fund provides support for our Geomatics Department. Due to the recent departure of 2 full-time faculty members, the department has an immediate need for continuing funding for 1 term faculty member and several adjunct faculty to teach required courses.  Significant budget reductions/a hiring freeze leave charitable gifts as the only viable source to fund these hires, making this our top fundraising priority at this time.

We are grateful for commitments received last summer from generous partners like ConocoPhillips, R&M Consultants, Frontier Precision, Quantum Spatial, John Oswald, Alaska Society of Professional Land Surveyors, Len Story, eTrac, Inc., SurvBase, R.F. Bell and Assoicates, Inc, Lounsbury and Associates, ASPRS Alaska Region, Alaska Surveying and Mapping, Surveyors Exchange, HDL, Karl Spohn, RECON, LLC, Steve Buchanan, Bill Preston, Neil Robicheau, JOA Surveys, 49th Star Surveying, Lavender Survey & Mapping, Amy Orange-Posma, John Schuller, Susan Randlett, Dean Cimmiyotti, Delenora Grey, Christopher Frost, Chris Turletes, Stanton Moll, Windy Creek Surveyors, Thomas Newman, James Sharp, Steven Callaghan, David Parret, Adam McCullough, Gary Gervelis, Timothy Vig, Michael Zieserl, Marguerite Leoni,  R&K Land Surveying, Alaska ARC User Group, Blair Parker, Christopher Blitz, Nathan Wardwell, Stanley Brown, Donald Davis, Bryce Myers, George Horton, Samuel Morris, Tallak Maakestad, Max Best, Lanny Kenner, Jonathon Roder, Brandon Hoxie, Paul Brooks, Evan Venechuk,  Marlo Foster, Celina Robinson, and Nicolas Srebernak, which (as of 9/4/19) had raised a total of $151,533 helping us eventually meet our Fall 2019 goal of $159,000. 

You can donate online. Under "Designation," use the drop down menu to select "Excellence in Geomatics." You may also send a check, payable to UA Foundation, to 1815 Bragaw Street, Ste 206, Anchorage, AK 99508. (Please note "Excellence in Geomatics" on your check.)

Please contact Geomatics Chair, Prof. Caixia Wang, or Sr. Development Officer Jayna Combs for additional details.

Scholarships and Fellowships

One of the highest priorities of the College of Engineering is to offer more scholarships to attract and retain the most talented students and help them graduate on time.

Excellence in Engineering

The Excellence in Engineering fund provides the college with valuable unrestricted funding to allocate resources to the areas of greatest need. Areas that may benefit from this fund include student projects, competitions, purchase of equipment for hands-on education and research, K-12 STEM outreach and activities to ensure student and faculty success.

Research/Faculty Support

Support for world-class faculty and research is essential to achieving our goal of making UAA a globally prominent engineering research and education institution. Funding in this area may be directed to startup funds for new faculty, named professorships or chairs or publicly distributed research.

Facilities Support

The State of Alaska provided funding for construction of the Engineering & Industry Building, but private support is needed from donors to outfit the new and revitalized building with state-of-the-art equipment for teaching and research. In recognition of generous gifts to the College of Engineering, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to name labs and classrooms in honor of individual donors and industry partners.

Jayna Combs


For information about how you can get involved, contact Jayna Combs, senior development officer for the College of Engineering. Outright cash gifts, in-kind donations of equipment, multi-year pledges, gifts of assets and planned gifts may be used to provide support. Companies paying taxes in the state of Alaska may qualify for an education tax credit.

To give online please use the link below. If you would like to make a donation via check, please make check  payable to UA Foundation, mail to 1815 Bragaw Street, Ste 206, Anchorage, AK 99508. (Please note the designation on the memo line of your check, ie "Excellence in Engineering.") 

Jayna Combs | 907-786-1796 |