Project Management Tuition

The MSPM Program is self-supporting with unique technological requirements.  The Program does not at this time receive full support from UAA general funds. The terms MSPM Super Tuition or MSPM Program Fee are used to reflect the additional cost associated with this self-supporting program under UAA. They both refer to the same cost. The Program Fee is charged in addition to regular tuition and fees. MSPM course costs are largely comprised of the currently published UAA Graduate Tuition Rate (applied per credit hour), plus the MSPM Program Fee (Super Tuition) which is equal to the current, resident-graduate tuition rate and is also assigned per credit hour. The remainder of the costs are from general UAA published attendance fees.

Resident Tuition Per Credit *
Resident tuition rates apply for residents of Alaska. Find out if you qualify here.

Academic Year 2015/2016 2016/2017
Tuition $423 $444
Project Management Fee $423 $444
Total per Credit Hour $846 $888
Calculating Expenses
  3 × $846 3 x $888
Typical Cost Per Class*** $2538 $2664

Additional miscellaneous UAA fees apply and vary based on the number of courses taken per semester.

Non-Resident Tuition Per Credit **
Non-resident students incur a non-resident tuition surcharge.*
Non-resident tuition waived for MSPM Program Students eligible under the WICHE Western Graduate Program Exchange (WRPG).

Academic Year 2015/2016 2016/2017
Non-Resident Tuition $864 $907
Project Management Fee $403 $444
Total Per Credit Hour $1226 $1351
 Calculating Expenses 3 × $1287 3 x $1351
Typical Cost Per Class*** $3861 $4053

UAA fees vary depending on number of courses taken per semester.

* Rates are subjected to change according to University Policy.
**  International Students please see International Student Services for full information related to admission and enrollment at UAA
*** Applies to 3-credit hours in the MSPM program. University student fees are not included.

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