Creating His Future

Rocco Haro

Having played the piano and composed music from a young age, there is no doubt that Rocco Haro brings a creative perspective to everything he does. He's excited to apply this vision and his eventual B.S. in Computer Science to designing financial models for the banking and investment world. UAA's College of Engineering and Rocco's faculty mentor, Professor Kenrick Mock, have been eager to help him realize that dream. Rocco credits Dr. Mock's personal attention and clear explanations of challenging material for his grasp of the complex concepts he needed for his research on ways to optimize profits in financial markets through the use of specific trading algorithms. 

Rocco is also eager to capitalize on opportunities for real world experience, and was able to leverage a connection with UAA College of Engineering alumnus, Tom Riley, to land his first internship with the Alaska Railroad as a Systems Engineering Intern. This background served as a springboard to a summer internship in Software Development for a financial management firm that's right up his alley.