College of Engineering Student Offices

ECB 307 is available for use by graduate students, research assistants, and teaching assistants.  

The room has 20 desks (study carrels) available for assignment. The desks themselves are not locked, but there are 16 lockers available.  The room is secured with wolfcard access. 

The desks have power and internet connectivity.  If a computer is required, a repurposed lab computer may be provided.

Assignments will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis to graduate students, research assistants, and TAs.  

If additional desks are available, they may be assigned to undergraduate students with priority going to student clubs, juniors and seniors, and student employees.


Request for Desk Assignment

If undergraduate, select all that apply.

If a specific desk/locker number is requested, please enter it here. If unknown, leave blank.

Locker numbers will typically correspond to desk number assigned. Desks 17-20 do not have corresponding lockers.

Enter the dates and/or semesters that a desk is required. Maximum length of assignment is one year, but may be renewed beyond that based on availability.