Welcome to the CoEng Tutoring Center!

Please join your fellow engineering students on the 2nd floor (south side) of the Engineering & Industry Building (EIB) as everyone works on homework and prepares for exams.

Tutors are available at the center and hours can be found below. If you double click on the tutor time, their hours and areas of focus will be listed within the google calendar. We offer help in math, chemistry, physics, statics, dynamics, and most other classes found in the engineering curriculum.

Interested in tutoring or have general questions about the Tutoring Center?  Contact Zlata Lokteva, zylokteva@alaska.edu.  At this time, we can use help in the areas of electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering.

CS&E student tutors are available in EIB 309.  All tutors will be able to assist with Java and C++ and may be able to assist with other courses and programming languages, such as those covered in CSE A205.  The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester. See below for the schedule.

 Online tutoring is available at http://cloverjacket.duckdns. org/osticket

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