Teriyaki Grilled Salmon

Teriyaki Grilled Salmon


Fresh salmon was fundamental to my family’s diet, mainly during the summers. We would have salmon every day. This recipe is break from the plain sautéed salmon that we, as kids, got so tired of. This is a quick way to prepare a nice dinner. “Teriyaki” basically means to brush glaze onto the salmon filets gradually while grilling over medium heat.

 Nutrition Facts

Calories 240 | Fat 15g | Carbs 3.00g | Protein 21.00g | Sodium 410mg | Cholesterol 55mg

How to Make Teriyaki Grilled Salmon

Teriyaki Grilled Salmon Tales from Flora 


Teriyaki Grilled Salmon

  • Four, 6-8 ounce salmon filets
  • 1 cup rice wine vinegar or hoisin sauce

Preparation Instructions

Teriyaki Grilled Salmon

  1. Rinse the salmon filets and pat dry
  2. Marinate salmon in rice wine vinegar for 15 minutes, while turning 2-3 times
  3. At the same time, prepare a charcoal fire, gas grill, or broiler. The fire should be hot and the grill should be clean. Place grill about 4 inches from heat or 2-3 inches from broiler
  4. Remove salmon from marinate and pat dry. Place salmon on grill or broiler for 2 minutes, turn and grill another 2 minutes.
  5. Move salmon to a cooler part of grill or move broiler rack down.
  6. Brush fish with teriyaki glaze, broil or grill with glaze facing the heat.
  7. Grill until the glaze dries – Salmon should be nearly done.
  8. If salmon needs another minute, repeat the glazing process. Serve hot or at room temperature.


  • Glaze can also be made from scratch by simmering soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, reducing by half.