The College of Health's COVID-19 Response

The UAA College of Health has a critical role in Alaska's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our college is mobilizing its wide-ranging expertise and resources for activities and initiatives that support our partners in health care, government and community services, and that serve the public at large. From publishing locally-focused epidemiological research to graduating students early so that they can enter the health workforce right away, the College of Health is responding to the pandemic in ways that are proactive, collaborative and Alaska-specific. 

We invite you to explore these initiatives below or in the side menu. We will share additional resources and developments as they become available. For media inquiries, please contact Henry Randolph, College of Health Communications Manager, at 907 786 1815 or


News and Updates

 News stories and media coverage of the COVID-19 response initiatives happening across the College of Health.

Expert Videos

 College of Health faculty and staff explore how their area of expertise helps us better understand the pandemic and its effects.


 Public health research from the Division of Population Health Sciences.