COVID-19 Expert Videos

As part of a UAA video series, faculty and staff from across the College of Health host videos that explore how their areas of expertise help us understand the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects, here in Alaska and across the world. 

Mary Dallas Allen and Alexa Filanowicz from the School of Social Work discuss taking care of children during the pandemic.

Vanessa Mead from the School of Social Work explores the benefits of mindfulness and meditation during stressful times. 

Amana Mbise from the School of Social Work talks about how to support families during a crisis. 

Ashley O'Connor from the School of Social Work discusses caring for pets during the pandemic.

Britteny Howell from the Division of Population Health Sciences explores the risks of COVID-19 to older adults. 

Kyra McKay and Zach Harrison from the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation discuss ways to enhance your overall wellness while staying at home. 

Sharon Chamard from the Justice Center discusses the role of police and law enforcement agencies during the pandemic.

Cindy Knall from the WWAMI School of Medical Education explores clinical trials for vaccines, why they take time, and why they are so important.