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Office of the Dean

About the College of Health / Contact Us

In order to meet Alaska's growing healthcare workforce demands, the University of Alaska Board of Regents has set a statewide goal of doubling the number of health graduates by 2025. Achieving this will grow Alaska's own, putting them to work meeting the workforce needs of employers, reducing their employment costs and lowering health care costs overall. The three Universities within the University of Alaska system and all of their community campuses are essential parts of and contribute to this effort. The University of Alaska is well positioned to make this effort a success as campuses across the state are already graduating a broad array of health care professionals.

Many of these programs also offer advanced degrees enabling graduates to continue to develop in their professions over time. In addition, robust and growing faculty and student research at both the graduate and undergraduate levels help policy makers address the many health care challenges Alaska faces. By building on this strong foundation and expanding programs across the state, we will meet the challenge set by the Board of Regents.

The UAA College of Health is leading the statewide health program planning. Our job is to strengthen intercampus collaboration, support all campuses in identifying opportunities for growth, and provide assistance to achieve desired outcomes. This coordination and technical assistance role will support and reinforce the existing reporting lines and other aspects of health programs delivered by the University of Alaska campuses. By listening to our industry partners, together we will grow our own and give Alaskans the skills and opportunities they need to have successful careers in the health care field.

We are proud of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff, who are making important contributions to Alaska's future. We look forward to welcoming our future students and helping them to succeed in whatever health care role they choose.

Contact the College of Health Dean's Office

This is a list of staff within the College of Health Dean's Office. For contacts at departments, schools, divisions and centers within the College of Health, please visit our departments page

Andre B. Rosay
Interim Dean of the College of Health
(907) 786-4852
PSB 205
Kendra Sticka
Associate Dean for Clinical Health Services
(970) 786-4935
PSB 205
Kathy Craft
Associate Dean for Planning, Development & Partnerships
(907) 786-4852
PSB 205
Eda Ahmaogak
Compliance Officer
(907) 786-4528
PSB 205
Betty Hernandez
Faculty/HR Specialist
(907) 786-0902
PSB 205
Tammy Kancir
School of Nursing Personnel Specialist
(907) 786-4528
PSB 205
Jennifer Motes
Senior Development Officer
(907) 786-1265
ADM 236
Harriet Paule
Executive Administrative Assistant
(907) 786-4852
PSB 205
Vicki Nechodomu (Media Inquiries)
Communications Director
(907) 786-1815
PSB 205
Jordana Newman
Communications Coordinator
(907) 786-4416
HSB 101
Ahliil Saitanan
Communications Coordinator
(907) 786-1833
PSB 234
Andrea Jones
Student Recruitment Manager
(907) 786-4408
PSB 212
Theresa Rzeczycki
Grant Administration Manager
(907) 786-1985
PSB 212


The College of Health Dean's Office is located in the Professional Studies Building, Suite 205, on the UAA campus in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Physical Address

2533 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508

Mailing Address:

3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508