AHEC Scholars and Rising Scholars

Both the AHEC Scholars and Rising Scholars programs are now accepting applications at bit.ly/AHECScholarsApplication.
AHEC Scholars

The AHEC Scholars program is open to all students enrolled in healthcare and pre-healthcare certificate or degree programs, from the undergraduate level up. Each year, students spend a minimum of 40 hours in online or face-to-face training and another 40 hours in community-based experience, either with a rural population or an urban underserved community. The entire program normally takes two years to complete.

The community-based experience may be double-counted towards a student's academic requirements but the classroom/online training must be completed separately.

Rising Scholars

AHEC also offers the Rising Scholars program for students in high school or undergraduate pre-major studies. The Rising Scholars program is identical with the AHEC Scholars program, except that the community-based hours are reduced and the course curriculum is less technical.

For more information

Contact Dave Berry at drberry@alaska.edu or call 907-786-4853.

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