Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations serve as both an intensive educational experience, where students get hands-on training and mentoring from a health professional in their selected field, and an effective recruitment strategy, where health facilities can observe the student at work and determine whether employment upon graduation is a good fit.

The Alaska AHEC Program Office, along with its regional AHEC centers, provides experiences for a wide variety of health professions students by placing them in rural facilities or with urban underserved populations across Alaska. The Alaska AHEC partners with the University of Alaska health programs to support both students in urban communities participating in rural rotations and students in distance sites coming into urban areas to gain experiences not available in their communities. The Program Office and regional centers also host students from other Alaska programs, as well as universities across the United States, particularly in those priority professions identified by the Alaska Workforce Investment Board. Students with ties to Alaska are given priority in placements.

Statewide Clinical Rotation Website

The Alaska Clearinghouse for Clinical Rotations website provides information for students looking for clinical rotation placements in Alaska. The website includes information about our regional AHEC centers, frequently asked questions, a downloadable application, and general information about Alaska and its cultures.

Cultural Attunement Modules

To better prepare students for rural rotations, the Alaska AHEC Program office created a set of regional cultural attunement modules. Explore Alaska through a series of interviews conducted with elders and health professionals while learning about Alaska’s unique cultures and multifaceted healthcare system.