Discovery Southeast

Discovery Southeast is a hands-on nature education program for southeast Alaskans. Discovery Southeast has year round activities. The Outdoor Explorers program hosts week-long summer day camps for ages 7-12, where students explore the flora and fauna of Juneau’s trail and beaches. In addition to hikes and explorations, students participate in role-play games, art projects and age-appropriate outdoor presentations by local experts of the natural history of Southeast Alaska. Discovery Days is a similar program for children ages 7-12, but is offered throughout the school year when students are out of school during Teacher In-service Days, holidays and seasonal school breaks. Spring Break Campis a five day long program offering an opportunity for kids ages 7-12 enjoy and explore the outdoors during the Juneau School District spring break. Naturalists help students delve into some of Juneau’s backyard wonders, from alpine ecosystems to marine estuaries.

Professional development classes for teachers are also offered in a variety of southeast locations. These courses devote five days to field study of the habits of some of the region’s most iconic animals as the key to understanding the broader ecology of the area.

For more information about these and other programs, visit: or call (907) 463-1500.