National Native American Youth Initiative

National Native American youth Initiative (NNAYI) provides an intense summer program for American Indian and Alaska Native high schools students. This week long event is designed to prepare and motivate students to pursue a career in health care or biomedical research. AAIP member physicians will serve as role models and mentors for students interested in various specialty areas such as pediatrics, surgery, family practice and cardiology.

The NNAYI program is available to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who are at least 16  to 18 years of age and students and counselors are housed at the George Washington University campus.  For those selected students, AAIP will pay for travel, lodging and most meals.  Students are welcome to bring spending money for any snacks or souvenirs that they might purchase on their own.

As mentioned above, the NNAYI program is an intense workshop for students and is not a sight-seeing tripStudents must be prepared to take part in every session offered and give their undivided attention to all speakers.

For more information:
Association of American Indian Physicians
1225 Sovereign Row, Suite 103
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Phone: 405-946-7072
Fax: 405-946-7651

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