RAHI Research

RAHI Research (formally RAHI II Next Step), added to the RAHI program in 2007, gives high school students in-depth knowledge of molecular biology and experience in working in research labs to understand research and modern biology. The RAHI Research curriculum begins with detailed instruction in lab methods and practices such as lab safety, pipetting, serial dilutions and DNA extraction.  Students then progress to more advanced techniques such as gel electrophoresis, polymerase chain reactions and cloning. The environment is fast-paced and detail-oriented. Students may also choose either Alaska Native dance or karate for exercise and a chance to get to know other RAHI participants.  Courses are offered for full university credit of up to 10 credits. The program is meant to serve rural, semi-urban, and Alaska Native high school honors students. Participants should read at or above grade level and be committed to earning a college degree.

Program Dates: May 30-July 13, 2017
Application Deadline: March 1, 2017

For more information contact:
Denise Wartes, RAHI Director
Rural Alaska Honors Institute
PO Box 756305
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6305

Physical Address:
201 Brooks Building
305 Tanana Drive

Phone: (907) 474-5876
Toll free: (800) 478-6886
Fax: (907) 474-5624
Email: uaf-rahi@alaska.edu
Website: http://www.uaf.edu/rahi/rahi-research-1/

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