Continuing Education

The Alaska AHEC supports workforce retention of health care professionals particularly those working in rural and underserved areas by improving access to continuing education and professional development (CE/PD). The AHEC supports UAA faculty and other training partners by conducting periodic needs assessments, applying for CE/CME credits, and coordinating training management and dissemination as needed.

The AK CACHE: Clearninghouse of Alaska's Continuing Health Education 

Courses developed by UAA faculty, in collaboration with health industry, or with government partners designed to meet the needs for continuing education for healthcare in Alaska can be found on the AK CACHE catalog. 

For information regarding advertising your CE/CME opportunities on the AK CACHE or partering to offer healthcare workforce continuing education or professional development please contact the Continuing Education Training Coordinator.  

You are also welcome to submit your Advertising Only posting directly through the AK CACHE Listing Request Form. Please note: postings through FY23 are welcome free of charge. Starting July 2023 there will be a fee for postings. 

Rates and Service Menu for Co-Provided Events 

Rates are per hour. Services are below each rate and include the items listed but are not limited to those listed. Costs of goods, materials, and travel will be added as an additional fee on the invoice. Please contact the Training Coordinator to discuss the specifics of your event.


  • Registration management
  • Fee processing 
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Evaluation
  • Continuing Education required application materials, filing and management 
  • Certificate management 
  • Webinar construction and management


Level 1 (up to a Bachelor degree): $50 per hour 

Level 2 (Master degree or higher): $72 per hour

  • Access to wide array of expertise of COH dependent on your needs 
  • Best practices in virtual technology and instructional technology for optimal learning outcomes


  • Design and develop learning experiences that prepare attendees to meet learning outcomes 
  • Implement inclusive teaching practices such as Universal Design for learning and accessibility
  • Craft an engaging environment in online and lecture courses
  • Choose instructional technology tools that meet your goals


Continuing Education Training Coordinator: Katy Wright