PATH Camps and Academies

Preparing Alaskans for Training in Health (PATH) is a collection of camps and academies designed to encourage students to consider healthcare professions. Camps are aimed at students ages 15-19, while academies are for adults and youth who are not currently enrolled in school. Each event has a distinct theme. All Camps are free. Students will be assigned to the camp closest to their home.

Allied Health Camps and Academies explore the various professions included in allied health (broadly defined as all healthcare professionals aside from doctors and nurses). Students may receive CPR, First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Blood Bourne Pathogen and Emergency Trauma Technician certifications.

Behavioral Health Camps and Academies are designed for students ages 15-19 to explore career pathways in the field of behavioral health. Students may earn 1 college credit and learn about key topics in behavioral health including wellness techniques, abuse, neglect, addiction, grief, stress and mental health while discovering career paths within the field. Students will explore careers including social workers, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral health aides, and other positions within the field of behavioral health and human services. Students will receive Mental Health First Aid certification.


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