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The Alaska Training Cooperative

Alaska Training Cooperative logo

The Alaska Training Cooperative (AKTC) is a statewide cooperative effort to address workforce training needs.

The AKTC promotes career development opportunities for direct support professionals, supervisors, and professionals in the field engaged with Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority beneficiaries*, by ensuring that technical assistance and training is accessible and coordinated.

In addition, the AKTC is dedicated to collaborating with Alaskan communities to train rural behavioral health care providers by blending evidence-based practices with traditional wisdom.

*Beneficiary groups include: developmental disabilities, mental illness, chronic substance abuse, Alzheimer’s and related dementia.

  • Goal 1 – Facilitate and maintain coordination and collaboration of training entities.
  • Goal 2 – Technical assistance support will continue to be implemented to address training opportunities, training needs, and gaps identified by providers serving Trust beneficiaries.
  • Goal 3 – Document and report training data.
  • Goal 4 – Increase and enhance evidence-based training delivery.
  • Goal 5 – Increase availability of quality training that equips the home & community based and behavioral health workforce to provide culturally attuned services throughout Alaska and for our unique Alaska Native populations.

Visit the Alaska Training Cooperative web site



The Anchorage office focuses on the workforce need for education and training for agencies and their staff serving beneficiaries* of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. Multiple training topics and delivery options are offered throughout the year. Training information and registration is processed through the AKTC Learning Management System which serves as a one-stop shop for information, registration, payment; and includes a personal user profile that tracks all trainings, contact hours, and credits in an electronic portfolio. 

To enhance the opportunity for workforce development, the AKTC staff also provide Technical Assistance to agencies, organizations,  businesses, and associations offering services to the Trust beneficiaries. This may include assisting in the delivery of training, updating training materials, identifying resource, or use of the AKTC Learning Management System for registration and reporting. 

*Beneficiary groups include: mental illness, developmental disabilities, chronic alcoholism and other substance related disorders, Alzheimer's and related dementia, and traumatic brain injuries. 

Contact the Anchorage Office staff:

907-272-8270 or 800-243-2199 (toll free)
AKTC LMS Support 907-264-6244
2702 Gambell St, Ste 103
Anchorage, AK  99503 

The Alaska Training Cooperative (AKTC) LMS is a collaborative effort from the University of Alaska, the Mental Health Trust Authority, and Trust Beneficiary providers statewide. It is a web-based catalog of both face-to-face and distance training opportunities in the state of Alaska.

Components include:

  • Web-based system that offers a one-stop shop for various types of professional training opportunities
  • FREE to sign-up as a AKTC LMS User
  • Online Catalog of available trainings statewide and free listings
  • On-line registration and payment for AKTC sponsored trainings that have a fee
  • On-line, virtual classroom, and instructor-led courses
  • E-Portfolio: Tracking of a User’s trainings, conferences and educational participation

Search and register for classes: Visit the AKTC LMS Web site

Click on the title of each Annual Conference listed below to expand the section for more information.

  • Full Lives Conference for Direct Service Professionals & Care Coordinators

    18th Annual Full Lives Conference

    The Full Lives Conference features national and Alaskan experts on key issues that affect support professionals and the people they support.

    Supporting the Future of our Workforce!

    Wednesday, April 10 – Friday, April 12, 2019
    Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage, Alaska 


    Please go to the AKTC Learning Management System ( to complete your registration. If you do not yet have a user profile with us please click on Join Now! to get started.

    For more information, and to register, visit the AKTC LMS Registration page.

    For more information, also visit:

    AKTC Full Lives Conference page

  • Frontline Leadership Institute

    The Frontline Leadership Institute is a three-day intensive leadership program designed to build skills and competency for current and future supervisors of Frontline staff. The training is to help newly promoted supervisors in the following service areas: mental illness, developmental disabilities, chronic substance abuse, traumatic brain injury, and Alzheimer’s Disease and other age-related dementia.

    The Leadership Institute helps build skill and competency for your organization’s mission, your professional and personal values, learning and training styles, leadership skills, leading and building teams, conflict and resolution, communication, participatory management and supervision, staff recruitment and retention, strength-based staff assessment, staff recognition and motivation strategies.

    Gain knowledge, best practice and skills to be competent leaders and supervisors. Three follow-up audio conferences and assignments that challenge the participant to use real life, on-the-job scenarios complete the Leadership Institute experience.

    For more information, also visit: 

    Frontline Leadership training page

  • The Brain Institute

    This training is co-sponsored by Alaska Brain Injury Network, Alaska Training Cooperative, & The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.

    The Brain Institute features national and Alaskan experts as faculty. The institute will focus on community based long-term brain injury rehabilitation and will take a team approach in examining this strategy. The Institute will immerse a limited number of committed professionals in three days of focus on rehabilitation and long-term support strategies (i.e. goal setting, motivation, memory issues, over-stimulation, fatigue, complex behaviors, cognitive therapy). You will be expected to carry what you have learned back to your community and to participate in two follow-up teleconferences on Alaskan resources and advocacy.

    Are you interested in this training?  Check out the Alaska Brain Injury Network.

  • Reducing Recidivism & Reentry Conference

    14th Annual Reducing Recidivism and Reentry Conference

    "Building Supportive Communities"

    Monday, March 7 and Tuesday, March 8, 2019
    Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage, Alaska

    Returning to everyday life within the community and receiving the necessary supportive services to avoid reincarceration is a challenge for Trust beneficiaries transitioning out of the correctional system. Join us as we identify some of the challenges facing these community members, identify ways to support them and help address their individual needs and discuss Alaska’s efforts to reduce recidivism and increase public safety. 

    More information can be found at: Reducing Recidivism and Reentry Conference

  • Annual Elders Summit

    We Are All Elders in Training Summit History


    The Elder’s Summit features elders sharing their life experiences and strategies for aging and well-being. Each sharing will be followed by group discussions targeting issues around aging and mental health. JOIN US for group discussions, closing circles each day, and an opportunity to address the issues of aging and mental health for our Elders.

    The vision of the Alaska Training Cooperative (AKTC) for offering Elder Summit experiences is to give our Elders, Seniors, and Pioneers an environment and forum where they can be listened to, learned from, and honored for the wisdom and life learning they possess.

    In the setting of being “Elder’s in training,” we as providers and community members share in this reflective forum experience, a continuing dialogue that expands over subjects, concerns and ideas that touch the lives of Seniors and Elders.

    The goal is to provide our guest speakers and round table discussions with an audience interested in these reflections and dialogue in a continuing learning community experience. Actual “products”, additional actions and activities may come from these Summit events and are welcomed. The main purpose however, is the growth of learning through sharing and listening to the voices of our Elders, Seniors, and Pioneers.

    Are you interested in this training?
    Contact Marilyn Weaver, Office Manager
    Phone: 907-456-4214