Reducing Recidivism & Reentry Conference

Connections. Collaborations. Relationships

February 9-12, 2021

Online Web-Delivered


If your work is in:

  • mental health
  • substance abuse
  • community programs
  • case management
  • public defender
  • judicial systems
  • at risk or adjudicated youth
  • probation
  • social work
  • in another field that is concerned with reducing recidivism and strengthening reentry services
...this conference is for you!

About the Conference

The 16th Annual Reducing Recidivism and Reentry conference will convene a diverse community of professionals who will collaborate, build partnerships, exchange ideas, work on finding solutions, and improve services for youth and adults returning to their community. The conference agenda will feature a broad range of sessions that highlight evidence-based best practices to strengthen our reentry services while paying particular attention to mental health-focused philosophies addressing the criminogenic risk and needs of justice involved youth and adults throughout our state.

Together we can continue to develop services in our communities and justice system that will support a more successful re-entry process.

Agenda and additional details coming soon.