Capacity Building in Autism Interventions

About CBAI

The Capacity Building for Autism Interventions (CBAI) is a State of Alaska funded effort to increase the level of professional expertise as it relates to autism interventions in the State of Alaska.  As a result, a cadre of professionals and paraprofessionals will be available to deliver intensive autism intervention soon after a child is diagnosed and early in a child’s life when research shows intervention has the greatest impact.

CBAI Goals:

  1. Facilitate the professional training of undergraduate and graduate-level students pursuing Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA/BCaBA) through distance-based field supervision program.
  2. Offer training in Applied Behavior Analysis to providers and parents of individuals with autism.
  3. Plan and host the annual Autism Institute to provide specialized training for state personnel and families. 
  4. Build capacity for autism interventions though training and education.


CBAI Trainings

  • Field Supervision

    Field Supervision

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) / Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCABA)

    Do you work with individuals or families who experience Autism Spectrum Disorder?

    You may qualify for an opportunity to obtain supervision towards the Board Certification in Behavior Analysis. The Field Supervision program is a part of the Capacity Building in Autism Interventions (CBAI) program and is funded by the State of Alaska, Women's Children's and Family Health. The goal of this project is to increase the number of professionals trained to work with children and adults who experience autism.

    Fully funded Field Supervision is awarded to a limited number of qualified Alaska-based student pursuing BCBA/BCABA certification.

    The primary purposes of the CBAI Field Supervision Program are to ensure that each student learns and applies clinical skills to address problem behaviors of social importance and to teach pro-social, adaptive behaviors.

    What you will learn:

    • Science of behavior
    • Application of this science in natural environments
    • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) process
    • Decreasing of problem behaviors and increasing of positive social and learning behaviors
    • Data-based decision-making process
    • Positive Behavior Support framework
    • Use of evidence based practice in your work with children, adults and families

    The CBAI Field Supervision program takes approximately 2 years to complete. The BACB requires that applicants for certification hold a Master’s degree in Education, Psychology or Behavior Analysis and complete 1500 hours of supervised field experience. For the BCABA, applicants must have an Undergraduate degree, complete the required course sequence, and must complete 1000 hours of supervised field experience. Our program provides the BCBA supervision for students’ field experience, meeting with students once every week

    After successful completion of the program and obtaining certification, students are required to maintain employment in Alaska serving individuals with autism or providing autism-related services. Additionally, students are required to serve as a resource to future capacity building efforts for 2 years. This may take the form of supervising other students pursuing certification, providing training and information at relevant events, and/or participating in evaluation of BCBA service provision in Alaska.

    Please read the specifics of the CBAI Field Supervision program before applying.

    CBAI Field Supervision Requirements

    Apply for CBAI Field Supervision

    Please visit the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Website for more information on the process of obtaining your BCBA. 

  • Autism Institute

    Autism Institute

    Based on attendee feedback, this year we will be hosting several small events throughout the year instead of one week-long Autism Institute. As these events are planned, we will announce them here. 

    Spring 2022 Caregiver Series
    1. ABCs of Behavior = March 26, 2022 10-11am
    2. Preventing Behavior Concerns = April 2, 2022 10-11am
    3. Reinforcement = April 9, 2022 10-11am
    4. Managing Behavior = April 16, 2022 10-11am
    5. Creating Routines = April 23, 2022 10-11am
    6. Generalization & Collaboration = April 30, 2022 10-11am


    Please join us online for this free series designed for parents and caregivers of individuals in need of behavioral supports. We are especially focusing on families of young learners who may not have a diagnosis or might be waiting on services to begin. Each session will include time to discuss how the topic relates to the current experiences of families in attendance. Participants are encouraged to attend all of the sessions to get the most value from the series. The webinar will be offered for computer and phone participants.

    Please register online to get the webinar information.


    If you would like to be on our email list for these events,  please contact Rachel White at

  • RBT Training

    RBT Training

    At this time, we are no longer able to offer the free online RBT Training. We will provide additional Behavior Technician training as it becomes available.




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