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Know Your Numbers

VO2 Submax


The Know Your Numbers (KYN) program is a service that provides a series of exercise tests that will assess your current fitness level to give you the information you need to create health and fitness goals. To reach those goals, your fitness professional will design an exercise program just for you based on your exercise test results, teach you how to do the exercises correctly, and will keep you inspired. KYN is a 2 day program designed to assess your health and fitness level through exercise testing (Day 1) and to provide you with exercises to maintain and improve your fitness and mobility (Day 2). 


The program is open to UAA students, employees and the community.

Must be 18-years-old or older.


This program is offered for a limited time:

October 14, 2019 - November 20, 2019



Cash or check only. Full payment is due on Day 1. No payment is due on Day 2.

Additionally, this program provides students in the Bachelor of Science in Physical Education program an opportunity to practice administering exercise tests and creating exercise prescription to enrich their learning experience under faculty supervision. Since this program is tied to course curriculum, KYN requires your commitment to attend TWO APPOINTMENTS on the same day and time on back-to-back weeks so our student fitness professionals receive the full practicum experience that includes both exercise testing, conducted on Day 1, and exercise prescription, conducted on Day 2. 


(To be scheduled online below)


You will undergo exercise testing in the UAA Human Performance Lab.

This year, we are offering a full fitness assessment package to all participants.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Location: Human Performance Lab: Eugene Short Hall, Room 102 

Fitness Assessment Tests

  • Body Composition: BOD POD® test
  • *Cardiorespiratory Fitness: VO2 Submax either on a bike or treadmill of your choice
  • Muscular Strength: Handgrip strength test
  • Muscular Endurance: Push-Up test
  • Flexibility: Sit & Reach test
  • Mobility: Partial Functional Movement Screening - Shoulder Mobility, Deep Squat, and Hurdle Step

*There will be a health screening process on the day of your appointment to determine if you are eligible to participate in the VO2 Submax.

How to Prepare:

  • Do not eat or drink any calories for 2 hours before your first appointment. No caffeine either, sorry. Please drink plenty of water though, and take all prescription medications.
  • Please bring tight fitting clothing [spandex: performance clothes, swimsuit, light weight sports bra (no padding or wires) etc.] to your first appointment for your BOD POD® test. Closed toed shoes are also required for the VO2 Submax test. We have a fitting room where you can change.


(Same day and time as Day 1, the following week)


You will meet your student fitness professional at the Seawolf Sports Complex, and they will run you through an exercise plan to help you maintain and/or improve your fitness and mobility according to your test results.

Duration: 1 hour, scheduled one week after the Day 1 testing at the same day and time.

Location: Begins at Seawolf Sports Complex Cage on the lower level. (The Cage is the "box office" window at the bottom of the stairs on the West side of the building near the gym entrance.)

How to Prepare:

  • If you are a UAA student or employee, please bring your UAA ID.
  • Please wear athletic clothing and footwear that allows athletic movement to your second appointment.

    The BOD POD® is becoming a gold standard for Body Composition testing. It is one of the best ways to accurately measure your lean mass and fat mass, and also provides an estimated resting metabolic rate (the number of calories your body needs to support its basic functions) and Total Energy Expenditure (the number of calories you need to make it through your day).

    Research studies at major universities have established the outstanding accuracy, safety and speed of the BOD POD®. The BOD POD® analyzes how much you weigh, how much space (air displacement) you take up (volume) and calculates your density. Your body fat percentage is determined from that information.

    It is ESSENTIAL you wear form-fitting clothing for accurate results with the BOD POD®. Acceptable clothing includes Spandex, Lycra or other Speedo-type swimsuit, compression shorts, and light weight sports bras (no padding or wires). Individuals with significant body and/or facial hair may experience varied results. For an example of what to wear and what to expect, watch the short video below.

    The VO2 Submax test follows a similar protocol as the VO2Max but the test is terminated at approximately 85% of the client’s predicted maximum capacity (determined by heart rate). This is a less invasive test (without use of the metabolic analyzer) and provides data to determine appropriate training zones. The submax exercise test can be used to estimate maximal VO2. Metabolic Analyzer is not used with these tests.

    Data collected: Heart rate, resting blood pressure, grade, speed or watts, RPE (rate of perceived exertion), and blood pressure.

    Equipment: Monark Cycle Ergometer or Woodway Treadmill

    *The students of the Know Your Numbers program are not certified to administer a VO2 Submax test to a client who may experience heart rhythm irregularities, anyone who may experience symptoms of heart rhythm irregularities, or anyone who may need medical clearance to perform exercise tests. There will be a health screening process on the day of your appointment to determine if you are eligible to participate in the VO2 Submax test. If you are unable to perform the VO2 Submax test, you will be discounted $5. You will still be able to participate in all other tests and Day 2 of the KYN program.


    The Handgrip test measures strength using a hand dynamometer.

     Hand Dynamometer

    The Push-up Test is used to measure muscular endurance.


    A basic Sit and Reach test is used to measure flexibility.Sit & Reach

    The Partial Functional Movement Screening (FMS) tests mobility and balance and identifies functional limitations and asymmetrics. You will perform three movements:

    Deep Squat


    Shoulder Mobility


    Hurdle Stephurdle step


Maryann and JunMaryann Hoke (HPER Professor) and Jun Navarro (HPL Coordinator)

The Know Your Numbers program is full! However, we do have a wait list and the chances of you being contacted are high. Join the wait list below and we will contact you as soon as an appointment opens up. First come, first serve. Keep a change of clothes with you at all times because we may contact you on the same day as the appointment.


Additional Information

FMS Deep Squat


"Can I schedule a Day 1 appointment, but skip Day 2?"

In short, no. When you schedule your KYN appointment, you are committing to attending both Day 1 and Day 2 appointments so your student fitness professional has an opportunity to practice both the exercise testing and the prescription. If you cannot be available for both Day 1 and Day 2, please do not sign up for this program. We offer exercise testing without the prescription as a separate service, booked through the Human Performance Lab. Please book your appointment through the Human Performance Lab if you do not wish to participate in both KYN days. This is important so our students administering KYN receive the full practicum experience. Thank you.

Bonus, Day 3 option!

To thank you for attending both Day 1 and Day 2 appointments, participants will receive a link to schedule an additional free BOD POD® test to be redeemed during a limited period in January. The additional BOD POD® appointment is optional. The link to schedule this extra BOD POD® test will be sent out to eligible participants in early December.


The documents of your results will be kept in a file in a locked cabinet and locked room. An electronic file will also be kept on the password protected UAA Employee Wellness computer.

Your results will remain confidential and only discussed between you, your fitness professional, and the faculty overseeing the program.

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Know Your Numbers is unaffiliated with Healthy Roads®.