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UAA Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation

3211 Providence Drive
Eugene Short Hall, Room 103
Anchorage, AK 99508

Phone: 907-786-4083

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The Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation offers courses at a number of locations, both on campus and off campus. Visit our Locations page for more information.


Employee Directory


TJ Miller TJ Miller, M.Ed.
Director and Term Assistant Professor

ESH 103B | P: 907.786.4083


Carl Arts Carl Arts, MS
Term Assistant Professor

ESH 103C | P: 907.786.4066
  Hoke Maryann Hoke, MS, CSCS
Assistant Professor
ESH 103F | P: 907.786.4088
Marcey Jean Marcey, EdD, NSCA-CPT
Term Assistant Professor
ESH 103D | P: 907.786.4068   

PEP Adjunct Faculty   

Jeff Dick Jeff Dick
Leadership in Activities
for Diverse Populations
  Egan Nicolle Egan, MA
Leadership in Activities
for Diverse Populations
Larue Pat Larue
First Aid & CPR for
    Lynne Young, M.Ed., ATC, ITAT
Prevention & Care of 
Activity Related Injuries;
Upper & Lower Body Injury 
Assessment Skills

 PER Adjunct Faculty   

Beaudoin Amy Beaudoin
Crevasse Rescue;
  Harley Brown Harley Brown
  Dure Chang 

Tae Kwon Do; 
Self Defense

  Crawford Clarissa Crawford
Dahl Whitney Dahl
Sea Kayaking
  Becky Davis Becky Davis
Indoor Stationary Cycling;
Fitness Cross Training
Forto Robert Forto
Multi-Sport Expedition;
Fat Biking
  Gabel Laura Gabel
Fitness for Life;
Circuit Training;
Shape Up with Weights
  Jackson Russell Jackson
Aerobic Walking;
Aerobic Kickboxing
Kastar Jon Kastar
  Lynch Nick Lynch
Tai Chi
Heather McCarthy Heather McCarthy
Ice Skating
  Jennifer Mills Jennifer Mills
Norris Lisbet Norris
    Jarod O'Brien
Doug Robbins Doug Robbins
  Sorum Margo Sorum
  Eric Wickenheiser 
Indoor Climbing


Kyra McKay

Kyra McKay
Employee Wellness
Practicum Coordinator
ESH 103F | P: 907.786.4006

  Nicola Nicola Pearson-Allen
Administrative Assistant for
Student & Program Support
ESH 103E | P: 907.786.4085


Junland Navarro
Therapeutics Lab Coordinator
ESH 103 | P: 907.786.4083