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Faculty Resources

The Health, Physical Education & Recreation (HPER) office has staff to provide support and resource materials that may be helpful. There is an outdoor/physical education resource library for your use, and course files that contain the course's content guide, handouts from previous classes and other information. Files, computer, desk space, photocopier, telephone, etc. are available for your use on a space available basis.


UAA Faculty Portal - Brings many UAA teaching, curriculum development, research, career and employment links together in one place

Web Grading Instructions (log-in to our Intranet)


Finals Schedule

Resources for Teaching and Technology

UAOnline - Registration, student advising, grading and employee information

Faculty-Initiated Drop/Withdrawal Online Form

Center for Advanced Faculty Excellence (CAFE) - includes information on New Faculty Orientation, Faculty Resource Links and more.

Preparing for your Class

Textbook, Syllabus, Blackboard

Give your textbook order to the HPER office. 786.4083

Design and submit the syllabus to the HPER office two weeks or more before your course begins.

References to assist you in writing a syllabus:

For a syllabus guide template, contact the HPER office or email

If teaching activity courses, make sure your First Aid & CPR certifications are up to date. Contact the HPER Office 907.786.4083 for upcoming courses if needed. 

Set up blackboard with course information and materials. See Blackboard links above under Forms and Resources.

Health Forms and Risk Statements

ALL participants in activity classes must have the health forms and risk waivers completed and signed before they participate in physical activity in class. Forms must be locked and stored by the HPER office.

Hand out syllabi to students on the first day of class.

Notice is needed for office support (copying, equipment requests, etc.) - minimum of 2 working days. Contact the office at / 786.4083.

Report any damaged gear to the HPER Office at 786.4083 as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up Your Class

Course Evaluations

  • IDEA Evaluation Forms to be filled out by the student online at the end of the course. Faculty need to complete the FIF (Faculty Information Form), then direct students to go online and complete the survey. FYI-Blank IDEA student form
  • PER Course Evaluation Forms for activity courses - provided by HPER office. Students fill them out in class near the end of the course, and the forms are submitted to the HPER Office.


Grades should be submitted within three business days of the last class period. All grades for the semester must be posted by the Wednesday after Finals Week. Grades are posted online

Employee Access/Benefits

Access to your official UAA Email on the web - Email FAQ or call UAA IT Call Center Help Desk at 786-4646, option 1

Wolf Card - Official UAA ID Card and useful tool - fill out the card application form and submit in person to the Wolf Card Office in the University Center. Wolf Card information

Parking Services - UAA Parking Services (parking sticker required on campus Monday - Thursday)

Ride the bus for free - People Mover U-Pass

3 credit tuition waiver for each semester of teaching. Tuition Waiver Form

Access to UAA library, public events, student recreation centers and other facilities are available during the contract period (some events and facilities require a fee).

Computer/Software discounts
Educational discounts on software are available through the UAA Bookstore software department (go to tech zone). You can contact the UAA Bookstore at 786-1151 or

Skillsoft online training and online book access - access through UAOnline > login > Employee Services > Employee E-Learning > Skillsoft > Submit (use search features, books link is books 24x7)