Thesis Projects

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  • Fall 2018
    • Nick Atkinson

    An Evaluation of the Dental Health Branch of Fort Peck Tribal Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program

    • Bo Kim

    Hepatitis C Epidemiological Profile, Henrico County, Virginia

  • Summer 2018
    • Morgan Erisman

    A Six-Month and Baseline Assessment of Housing First on the Service Use and Individual Well-being in Juneau, Alaska.

    • Brian Lefferts

    Systematic Literature and Dataset Development for Evaluating the Impact of Water and Wastewater Service Types on Health in the Yukon-Kuskokwin Delta of Alaska

    • Lori Price

    Drug and Alcohol Use Among Southern Kenai Peninsula High School Students and the Relationship Between Development Assets Associated with Family and Social Support.

    • Sara Conyers

    Inventory and Assessment of Food Policy Actions with Potential for Adaptation to Alaska Food Productions, Processing and Distribution Systems

  • Spring 2018
    • Cate Burton

      Creating a Social Media Strategy for the Alaska Food Policy Council

    • Niki Knowlton

    Evaluation of a Group Planning Process within the Collective Impact Framework: Development of a Piolet Project to Support At-Risk Families and Children

    • Dean Gustafson

    Evaluation of a Group Planning Process within the Collective Impact Framework: Development of a Piolet Project to Support At-Risk Families and Children

    • Jessie Doherty

    Analysis of Southcentral Therapeutic Riding Program Evaluation 

  • Fall 2017
    • Charlotte Bender
      A Comparative Cohort Analysis of Infants in Anchorage: An Examination of the Differences between Premature and Full-Term Infants through a Single-Clinic Case Study
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Cate Burton
      Creating a Social Media Strategy for the Alaska Food Policy Council
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Tammy Choromanski
      Speech-Language Pathologists Perspectives of Tele-Medicine: Readiness for Implementation
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Ijedima Ngene-Igwe
      Assessing the Factors That Influence Breastfeeding Initiation and Continuation for Black Mothers in Central Ohio
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Sarah Stevens
      Using the Social Ecological Model to Understand Infant Feeding Practices in Alaska’s North Slope Borough
      Abstract [pdf]

  • Summer 2017
    • Megan Donnelly
      Cost and Utilization of the Baker Act Law in Hernando County, Florida
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Kami Moore
      Community Readiness Assessment: Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Juneau, Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Sara Mosalam
      Barriers Affecting Mammography Among Egyptian Women
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Christina Poupard
      Child Outcome Summary Process in Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2017
    • Brittany Smith
      Food Security in Alaska- Agricultural Land Development and Access Utilizing Geographic Information Systems
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2016
  • Summer 2016
    • Olivia Barrow
      An Evaluation of Oral Health Training for Long-Term Care Facility Staff and Its Relation to Residentis’ Dental Plaque Levels
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Jessika Beam
      Teaching Food Systems in Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Ryan McWilliams

      Supporting Community Gardening in Alaska Through Development of a Community Garden Practice Guide
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Andrew Tooyak
      United Caribou Association of the Nunamiut
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2016
    • David Fitzgerald
      Program Evaluation of the Living Well with Diabetes Program of Prince William County, Virginia
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Elizabeth King
      An Analysis of Rainwater from Rural Alaska Catchments: Findings and Recommendations for Healthy Utilization
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Tracey Martinson
      Development of A Crystalline Silica Management Plan for a Coal-Fired Power Plant
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Laila Allen
      Healthy Alaskans 2020 Implementation Pilot
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Jason Hahn
      Community-Scale Biosand Filter Pilot Project in Cambodia
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2015
    • Arlene Patuc
      Case Management Assessment and Course Development
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Shannon Savage
      Alaska Young Driver Safety: Distracted Driving, Seat Belt Use and Drinking and Driving
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Melissa Viator
      The Influence of Water Volume and Temperature on Hand Washing Time and Thoroughness: A Study on Factors Relevant to the Design of Rainwater Catchment Systems for Rural Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Jeremy Rosiecki
      Needs Assessment for a Patient Centered Medical Home Model of Care at the Providence Alaska Cancer Center
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Colleen McNulty
      Evaluation of a Public Health Nursing Expedited Partner Therapy Program
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Tara Martich
      Impacts of Fish Waste Piles in Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Cari Miller
      Alaska State Trooper Critical Incident Response Team and Peer Support Program Development
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Summer 2015
    • Amy Livengood
      Exposome Diversity Perspectives of Environmental Enteropathy: A Systematic Review of the Literature
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Cynthia Schauer
      Social Determinates of Pneumococcal and Influenza Immunization Rates of Nursing Homes and Homes for the Aged Residents in Kalamazoo and Calhoun Counties, Michigan. Role of Race and Segregation
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Melissa Wilson
      Food Security in Alaska: Assisting the Alaska Food Policy Council to Meet Their Strategic Plan
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2015
    • Gandy Becker
      Health Care Utilization Analysis for Housing First Program in Anchorage, AK
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Fabrice Evengue
      A Descriptive Analyst of Gastric Cancer in Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Audra Henderson
      Pilot Project: A Script about Health and the People of Juneau, AK
      Abstract [pdf]

    • Marisa Johnson
      Emergency Preparedness Among Older Adults, in the City of Issaquah, Washington
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Natasha Pineda
      Alaska Local Option Law and Its Impact on Underage Drinking
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2014
  • Summer 2014
    • Joy Britt
      To be or Not to Be Smoke-Free: An Analysis of the University of Alaska Anchorage Peer Institutions’ Smoking and Tabaco Policies
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Christie Flanagan
      Effect of Early Age Tabaco use on Current Tobacco Use Among Alaska Native People in Southwest Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Carole Knuth
      Needs Assessment for an Adult Day Service Center in Sitka, Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Eric Lespin
      Better Understanding the Modifiers of Domestic Water Consumption
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Shaina Seidner
      Prospective Development of a Mobile Farmers Market in Mountain View, Anchorage, Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Marina Vinnikova
      Dog Bite Health Burden in Alaskan Communities 2002-2012
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2014
    • Karla Ebert
      Using the Community Readiness Model for Diabetes Focused Health Promotion Strategies in a Rural Alaska Community
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Kendalin Farthing
      Utilizing Social Media to Identify Breastfeeding Supportive Entities and Resources in Anchorage, Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Sarah Grosshuesch
      Pain and Breastfeeding Duration: A Wisconsin WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training Quality Improvement Project
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Marylynne Kostick
      Persistent Organic Pollutants, Heavy Metals and Micronutrients in Mothers and Infants in Rural Alaska; Distributions and Relationships
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Michelle Rizzo-Pelley
      Climate Change and the Health Implications of Residential Insecticide Exposure
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Elizabeth Root
      Identifying the Barriers to Local Food Resources in Anchorage, Alaska Through a Small-Scale Community Local Food Needs Assessment and Geographical Information Systems Analysis
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Sheila Soule
      Policy Analysis and Feasibility Assessment for a Municipality for Anchorage Area Agency on Aging
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Rebecca Sprague
      Adaptation, Implementation and Evaluation of a Health Literacy Curriculum at Learning Labe in Boise, Idaho
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Jami Warrick
      State of Alaska Division of Public Health, Section of Public Health Nursing, An Assessment of the Interior Region's Readiness for A Voluntary Accreditation Effort
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2013
    • Callie Ashcraft
      Development of an Educational Module for the Siemens Rapidpoint 500 Analyzers
      Abstract [pdf] 
    • Adrienne Taalak Chambers
      Examining the Child Care Needs for Children with Disabilities: A Need for Therapeutic Child Care?
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Brian McKay
      Measures of the Effect: Near Miss Reporting on Construction Site Injuries
      Abstract [pdf] 
  • Summer 2013
    • Amy Hockenberry
      Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Adolescent 30-Day Alcohol Use
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Jennifer Jones
      Stakeholders Perceptions of the Wishbone Hill Health Impact Assessment
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Olga Levy
      Building Cooperation Between Medical Providers and Medicaid Program in Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Carol McCarty
      Alaskan Adolescent Nutrition Project
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Linda Mellman
      Understanding Parental Beliefs, Knowledge, and Influences that Inform Childhood Immunization Decisions (Project)
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Megan Tompkins
      An Assessment of Water USE Practices and Attitudes in Old Fandak, South Sudan
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Meghan Vaughan
      Process Evaluation of the CATCH Program in Beach Park School District #3
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2013
    • Deana Glick
      Youth Alcohol Use in Yakutat  (Project)
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Aaron Huff
      Evaluation of the Cuidese Program
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Christia Phelps
      Process Evaluation of a Lactation Support Program in Anchorage, Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2012
    • Marcus Deede
      Peer Support and Mutual Support in the Community of Ionia: A Mental Health Disability Management Case Study
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Pamela Hoffman
      The Status of School Wellness Policies in Minnesota Public Schools
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Rebecca Puckett
      Factors that Influence the Decision to Breastfeed for Adolescent Mothers in the State of Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Marcy Rein
      Promoting Community Inclusivity in Family-Focused Recreation Activities for Individuals Experiencing Developmental Disabilities in Anchorage Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Virginia Walker
      Medication Education for Alaska Native People Age 65 and Older: Development of a Medication Self-Management Tool
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Summer 2012
    • Amanda Cooper
      The Quality and Utility of Alaska's Unintentional Poisoning Data: A Descriptive Analysis
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Virginia Mongeau
      Follow-Up Procedures to Achieve High Retention Rates in HIV/AIDS Prevention Research with Incarcerated People
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Wendy G. Parsons
      Anchorage School District School Wellness Policy Evaluation
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2012
    • Patricia A. Peshel
      Community and Health Assessment:  Water Utilization and Hygiene Practices--A study of the Rhema Grace Orphanage and Ombe Village, Cameroon
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2011
    • Margaret Nye
      Program Evaluation of Clark Middle School School-Based Health Center
      Abstract [pdf] 
    • Jacqueline Shirley
      The Management of Open Dumps in Rural Alaska - The Continuing Need for Public Health Action: A Policy Analysis
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Summer 2011
    • Ambrosia Bowlus
      VACTRAK- Alaska’s Immunization Registry Program Evaluation
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2011
    • Cheryl Case
      Examining DNA Fingerprinting as an Epidemiology Tool in the Northwest Territories, Canada
      Abstract [pdf] 
    • Margaret Cobey
      Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Therapeutic Injection use in Mongolia
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Kelby Murphy
      Alaska Health Care Workforce Shortages: Impact of State Legislation
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Bruce Myers
      Managed Care Perspectives on Biosimilars
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Lillian Ruedrich
      Who will keep Alaska Healthy? Needs Assessment and Recommendations for Undergraduate Public Health Education at the University of Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2010
    • Lisa Davis
      Developing the Framework for an Impaired Driving Tracking System for the State of Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Desire Shepler
      Re-Victimization Among Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Child Advocacy Center 
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Summer 2010
    • Kathryn Bhagtram-Jackson
      An evaluation of the Jefferson/Gilpin Counties’ Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteer Program for Years 2007-2008
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Jennifer DeVanna
      Impact of Alerts within the Medical Record on Childhood Immunization Rates in Portage County
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Yvonne Goldsmith
      Rates of All-Cause Pneumonia Among Medicaid-Enrolled Children Less Than Two Years of Age Between and After Introduction of the Pneumococcal Conjugate 7 Vaccine in Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Shawne Johnson
      Factors Influencing Low-Income, African American, Breastfeeding Mothers’ Decisions to Administer Infant Vitamin D Supplements
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2010
    • Jennifer Adams
      Risk Factors Contributing to the 30 day Readmission Rate at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute for Fiscal Year 2008
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Ranjodh Gill
      Occupational Risk Factors and Correlation with Post-Deployment Mental Health Status Among U.S. Military Personal Returning From the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Stacy Kelley
      A Men’s Cancer Survivorship Retreat in Alaska: A Process and Outcome Evaluation
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Genevieve Maurits
      A Program Evaluation of Project Public Health Ready and Its Application and Implication for the Municipality of Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services 
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2009
    • Kerry Pride 
      Developing Effective Multi-Jurisdictional Public Health Systems: Lessons Learned from the 2006 Shigella Sonnei Outbreak on Three American Indian Reservation
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2009
    • Kathy Anderson 
      Breast and Cervical Health Check Program: Cervical Cancer Screening Fidelity to American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP) 2006 Consensus Guidelines
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Jody Carman 
      Association of Body Mass Index (BMI) and Sleep Duration in U.S. Coast Guard Active Duty Members
      Abstract [pdf, 20 KB]
    • Ann Potempa 
      Needs Assessment to Help the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Understand the Communication Needs for Alaska Health-Care Providers
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2008
    • Sara Buchanan
      Improving Child Survival Through Behavioral Changes and Community Engagement: The Farta Child Survey Project
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Lisa McGuire
      Formative Evaluation of an HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education Program in Anchorage, Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Amanda Walch
      Evaluating the Impact of Weight Loss Surgery and High Blood Pressure in the Obese Population at One Alaska Clinic
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2008
    • Kathy Allely
      Early Intensive Intervention for Alaskan Children with Autism: A Policy Analysis
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Lisa Balivet
      The Status of Early Intervention Service for Young Children with Hearing Loss in Alaska: Part C of IDEA
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Jessica Leston
      Alaska Native Eye Health and Disease: A Community Profile
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Wendy Rainey
      Analysis of Issues Surrounding the Administration of Medication in Out-of-Home Child Care in the Municipality of Anchorage
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2007
    • Vanessa Hiratsuka
      Assessing Changes in Attitudes, Beliefs and Behavior in Physical Activity Due to the Traditions of the Heart WISEWOMAN Intervention
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Summer 2007
    • Dan Lien
      Improving Patient Care for Persons with Chronic Disease: Examining the Use of MTM (Medication Therapy Management) and Medicare Billing for Patients Counseling By Community Pharmacists in Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Jenny Salcido-Austin
      Nutrition Counseling and Hemoglobin Levels in Young Children Participating in the WIC Program
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Tammy Zulz
      International Circumpolar Surveillance Tuberculosis Working Group Formative Evaluation
      Abstract [pdf, 27 KB]
  • Spring 2007
    • Erica Marley
      Fish and Human Mercury Biomonitoring
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Mark Peterson
      The Treatment of HIV in Rural East Africa
      Abstract [pdf, 33 KB]
    • Mariko Selle
      Traditional Foods Access for Alaska Native Elders in Urban Term Long Care Settings
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Joni Stumpe
      A Nutritional Education Curriculum with a Weight Management Emphasis for Low Income Alaskan Families-Implementation of a Pilot Project
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Fall 2006
    • Lindsay Sanders 
      Evaluation of a Public Health Surveillance System
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Summer 2006
    • Dr. Dan Kiley
      Development of a Simulation Model To Analyze Clinical Outcomes of the Dental Health Aide Program in Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
  • Spring 2006
    • Tricia Franklin 
      Factors Contributing to Specimen Quality for Tuberculosis Testing: The Laboratory’s Role in Tuberculosis Control in Alaska
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Hannah Hawkins 
      Health Promotion Paraprofessionals’ Role Definition: Perspectives of Graduates of Alaska’s Community Wellness Advocate Program
    • Allyson Kelly
      Evaluation of Radon Levels in Wyoming Relation to Lung Cancer Prevalence
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Stephanie Massay 
      A Molecular Diagnostic Technique for Bordetella Pertussis Using Real Time PCR-Implications for Diagnosis and Public Health Intervention in Alaska 
      Abstract [pdf]
    • Chris Tofteberg 
      The Public Process of Adoption of the FDA Food Code by a Local Jurisdiction
  • Spring 2005
    • Dr. Adrienne Ari
      Eye Injuries on the Battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan: Public Health Implications
    • Gail Schiemann
      Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Prevention in Rural Alaska: Community Perspectives and Prevention Tools Reviewed 
      Abstract [pdf]