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2012 graduateIn order to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward the degree, a student in the MPH program is expected to complete a minimum of six (6) semester credits each academic year, beginning with the first semester of enrollment. For satisfactory academic progress, the six (6) semester credits may consist of prerequisite courses or program courses. Failure to comply with the six (6) credit minimum each academic year may result in the student being removed from the degree program. See the beginning of this chapter for additional requirements to remain in good standing, and to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward the degree.

1. Complete the MPH core courses

HS A605 Public Health and Society 3
HS A610 Environmental and Occupational Health 3
HS A615 Health Services Administration 3
HS A624 Circumpolar Health Issues 3
HS/NS A625 Biostatistics for Health Professionals 3
HS/NS A626 Principles of Epidemiology 3
HS/SWK A628 Program Evaluation 3
HS A629 Public Health Research Tools and Methods 4
HS A630 Public Health Emergencies and Disasters 3
HS A698/A699 Practicum Project or Practicum Thesis 5

2. Complete the interdisciplinary emphasis

Interdisciplinary emphasis (9 credits):

Three focused public health-related elective courses at the 600-level with advisor approval.

3. A total of 42 credits are required for the degree