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Degree Programs & Certificates

The Human Services Department offers a broad array of courses which satisfy requirements for the Associate of Applied  Science (AAS) degree, preparing students for entry level  employment, and a Bachelor of Human Services (BHS) practitioners degree which  prepares students to work effectively in any community based human services  setting dedicated to the empowerment of clients through education,  paraprofessional counseling, and human service practice. 

The Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Conflict Resolution  is offered through the Human Services Department as well as the Minor in Human Services.

Courses may also be used as electives for other disciplines. 

Any student may register for 100 and 200 level HUMS classes for which they have met the prerequisite.

Students wishing to register for BHS (300 and 400 level) classes must first apply for admission to the BHS program.  Students who have earned their AAS in Human Services may take up to 6 upper division credits before applying for the BHS.

Current Catalog

2019-2020 UAA catalog

Course Descriptions

2019-2020 Course Descriptions

Course Schedules

2019-2020 Course Schedules

 UAA and Human Services Program Statistics

The university routinely provides reliable information to the public on its performance. Check out the 2017-2018 Fact Book for the UAA and Human Services student data and performance outcomes.

2017-2018 Fact Book

Performance is measured by the total number of certificates and degrees awarded during an academic year. Check out the Academic Year (AY16) degrees and awards provided by the Institutional Effectiveness, Engagement and Academic Support (IEEAS).

Degrees & Certificates Awarded AY16