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Name Title Phone Email
David Moxley Assistant Dean of the School of Justice and Human Services 907-786-6907
Yvonne Chase Department Chair, Professor, BHS Advisor 907-786-6438
Seta Kabranian-Melkonian Assistant Professor, Practicum Coordinator, AAS Advisor 907-786-6449
Amanda Biggs Assistant Professor 907-786-6439
Bettina Kipp Lavea Professor, AAS Advisor for KPC campus 907-262-0334
Jennifer Piffarerio Assistant Professor
Jessica Ross Assistant Professor 907-786-0327
Gloria Burnett Director, Alaska Center for Rural Health & Health Workforce, UAA 907-786-6705


Name Title Phone Email
Brian Partridge Human Services Adjunct, Associate Professor for Psychology KPC 907-235-1604
Glenn Cravez Human Services Adjunct
Ken Hamrick   907-264-6235
Julia Person Human Services Adjunct 907-399-1257
Carey Brown Human Services Adjunct, Senior Academic Advisor for COH Student Success Center 907-786-4417


Name Title Phone Email
Jenifer Leigh Program Coordinator 907-786-6453
Chynna Lockett Communications Coordinator 
Eva Wilson Project Development Manager 907-786-6972
Paul Wasko e-Portfolio Initiative Coordinator, Faculty Development and Instructional Services 907-786-6035


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