Research at ICHS addresses a wide variety of health problems and issues facing Alaskans, many of which are common to populations in the north. Alaska's rural and multi-cultural environment calls for a multi-disciplinary approach to defining health problems and identifying appropriate solutions.

ICHS research agenda includes epidemiologic studies of population health problems, studies of health services need, access and utilization, and evaluation of health policy and the effectiveness of new programs.

Available Research Services

  • Survey research and community health assessment
  • Geographic information systems analysis for health research and planning
  • Rural health planning and development
  • Program evaluation and policy analysis.

Research Approach: Seven Medial Determinants of Alaska Native Population Health

Promoting the health of Alaska Native populations requires a balanced focus on individual and population-level determinants. The influence of seven social or physical determinants related to the ten leading causes of mortality in Alaska Native populations were identified. These determinants include: addiction to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs; social/cultural isolation; access to quality health care; environmental exposures; global climate change; diet/nutrition; and access to clean water. View an illustration of these determinants.