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UAA Justice Center junior Anafusi Fangatua chats with her professor, Ingrid Johnson, in UAA's Parrish Bridge

The UAA Justice Center, established by the Alaska Legislature in 1975, has a mandate to provide statewide justice-related education, research, and service. The Justice Center is an interdisciplinary unit that provides undergraduate and professional education; conducts research in the areas of crime, law, and justice; and provides services to government units, justice agencies, and community organizations throughout urban and rural Alaska to promote a safe, healthy, and just society.

The Justice Center is an academic and research unit within the College of Health at the University of Alaska Anchorage. We offer academic programs in Justice and in Legal Studies. The Legal Studies degree and certificate programs are approved by the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Paralegals. Our faculty conduct research in a number of areas including violence and violent crime, law and the courts, substance abuse, rural justice issues, homelessness, policing, and juvenile justice.  


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News & Stories

  • David Kanaris examines footprint with students

    Slideshow: Students learn forensic process during laboratory tour

     |  Chynna Lockett  | 

    Students from the Forensic Science and Criminal Justice course saw the process in action during a tour of the Alaska Department of Public Safety Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory. They learned how to collect and analyze common types of evidence found at crime scenes including fingerprints, footprints and DNA.

  • Kenneth McCoy

    Alumni of Distinction: Kenneth McCoy

     |  Matt Jardin  |  ,

    How do you follow up a landmark policing career that not only culminated in becoming chief of police, but also occurred during a watershed period of accountability in law enforcement across the country? For justice alumnus Kenneth McCoy, you become the very first chief diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) officer for Alaska’s largest employer.

  • police car sirens

    Rapes and aggravated assaults push Alaska’s violent-crime rates up; property-crime rates fall

     |  Alaska Beacon  |  , ,

    UAA's Alaska Justice Information Center presented data from 1979 thru 2021 to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Troy C. Payne, Director of AJIC wrote "After a large increase in the mid-2010’s, motor vehicle theft has been trending down since 2018. In both trend and magnitude, Alaska is similar to the national average for property offenses. Alaska has consistently had higher-than-average rates of violence since 1993."

  • Mateo Jaime

    Aging out of Alaska’s foster care system on his own terms

     |  Anchorage Daily News  |  , , ,

    Mateo Jaime, a Legal Studies student, arrived at the court hearing that would, finally, end his years in custody of the Alaska Office of Children’s Services in a buoyant mood. At age 21, young adults “age out” of foster care in Alaska if they have not been adopted or reunified with parents. A judge approves it in a hearing that amounts to a grim bureaucratic formality: A child has passed into adulthood without the foster care system laying a path to permanent legal family for them, and now they are on their own.

  • A student presents her oral arguments

    Slideshow: Legal studies students present oral arguments

     |  Ahliil Saitanan  |  ,

    Trial and Advanced Litigation Processes students present their oral arguments before Justice Jennifer S. Henderson in the Alaska Supreme Court Courtroom on Oct. 3, 2022.

Research & Centers


Alaska Justice Information Center logoAlaska Justice Information Center

The Alaska Justice Information Center (AJiC) compiles, analyzes, and reports on criminal justice topics in order to improve public safety, to increase criminal justice system accountability, and to reduce recidivism. 

Alaska Victimization Survey logoAlaska Victimization Survey

The Alaska Victimization Survey (AVS) provides comprehensive statewide and regional data to guide planning and policy development and to evaluate the impact of prevention and intervention services.

Alaska Justice Forum logoAlaska Justice Forum

The Alaska Justice Forum is a research journal focusing on justice and legal issues in Alaska. It was published by the Justice Center at the University of Alaska Anchorage.


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