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Willamette Law Accelerated

Willamette University College of LawAccelerated Law School Admission Program — 3+3

This innovative partnership between UAA and Willamette University College of Law, located in Salem, Oregon, offers motivated students — at a time when the costs of higher education are a matter of increasing concern — an opportunity to complete an undergraduate and a law degree in six years, rather than the usual minimum of seven.  "3+3" refers to 3 years of undergraduate credits plus 3 years of law school.

Read about the 3+3 program on the Willamette website and see below for details on how the program works.


Qualified UAA students interested in pursuing a career in the law may be admitted to Willamette University College of Law (WUCL)  after they have achieved senior standing (completion of 90 semester credit hours) and completed UAA's General Education Requirements for All Baccalaureate Degrees and the disciplinary requirements for their chosen baccalaureate program.  If accepted by WUCL, the students begin as first year students at WUCL the following fall, where their first-year law courses will be counted as up to 31 credits of upper-division electives toward their UAA bachelor's degree. Students may graduate with their baccalaureate degree after successful completion of their first year of law school. After completing the additional two years at Willamette, participating students will have completed both the baccalaureate and J.D. degrees in six years.

Law School Admission Decisions

Not all students who are academically qualified are admitted to law school. Students who meet the program requirements are eligible to apply for early admission to WUCL. Such students will be evaluated by the WUCL admissions committee, and may or may not be accepted for matriculation. Students who are not admitted to WUCL will complete their undergraduate degree at UAA, after which they will have the option to reapply to law school through the normal application process.


Students who are admitted to WUCL from the 3+3 program must either:
(1) participate in a legal externship at an approved organization or law firm in the State of Alaska or
(2) complete a not-for-academic-credit clerkship with an approved legal organization or law firm in the State of Alaska.

Whether pursuing an externship or clerkship, students will complete a minimum of 104 hours in field work at the placement. Students will complete the externship or clerkship after completing their first or second year of law school, or during the third year of law school.

Required Academic Progress

Students who fail to receive a passing grade in each of the prescribed first year courses at WUCL will be deemed to have withdrawn from the 3+3 program.  These students must receive their baccalaureate degree from UAA before WUCL will confer a JD upon such students. Students deemed to have withdrawn from the 3 + 3 program may petition to have WUCL courses for which they received a passing grade applied toward UAA's requirements for a baccalaureate degree in accordance with existing UAA policies and procedures. 

Student Withdrawal from Law School

Students who earn a passing grade in each of the courses taken at WUCL but choose to withdraw from the law school and return to UAA to complete their baccalaureate degree may petition to have the successfully completed WUCL credits applied toward their baccalaureate degree in accordance with existing UAA policies and procedures.  A student who earns a passing grade in each of the first-year courses taken at WUCL but who is either academically excluded or withdraws from WUCL (other than an approved leave of absence) must comply with the applicable academic regulations regarding readmission to WUCL.

Student Timeline for Completion of the 3+3 Program at UAA

  • Freshman year:

    Freshman Year:

    • Complete admission to UAA as a baccalaureate degree-seeking student
    • Review the requirements for participation in the program
    • Submit an application for admission to the 3+3 program
    • Meet with the 3+3 program advisor
    • Meet with an academic advisor in your major to develop a 3 year plan for completion of your disciplinary and general education requirements
    • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4
  • Sophomore year:

    Sophomore year:

    • Meet with the 3+3 program advisor
    • Meet with your advisor in your major
    • Stay on track with your academic plan
    • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4
    • In the spring of your sophomore year establish a data account with the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC).
    • Begin preparing for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) over the summer of your sophomore year
  • Junior year:

    Junior year:

    • Register for and take the early or late fall LSAT
    • Meet with the 3+3 program advisor
    • Meet with your advisor in your major
    • Stay on track with your academic plan
    • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4
    • Spring semester prepare and submit application to WUCL
  • Senior year (at WUCL):

    Senior year (at WUCL):

    • Complete first year law school curriculum
    • Submit WUCL transcript to UAA
    • Apply for graduation with baccalaureate degree from UAA

Willamette's 3+3 Program Description - Accelerated Law School Admission Program

Program Eligibility and Application Process

Accelerated Law School Program Application