Academic Advising at the UAA Justice Center

Majors FairSpeaking with an academic advisor is an important part of planning a successful college career.

Students who are interested in or currently pursuing a degree in Justice or Legal Studies are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in the Justice Center. Your advisor will assist you in creating an academic course plan that will help you explore your interests and define your goals.


 If you would like to meet with an advisor, but have not yet applied for admission to either of our programs, please contact one of the following program coordinators to set up an advising appointment:

Dr. Brad Myrstol, Justice Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Kristin Knudsen, Legal Studies Program Coordinator

Upon admission into one of our programs, you will be assigned a Program Advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is, first check your academic record in DegreeWorks.  If no advisor is listed, please contact the Justice Center at 786-1810.

Justice Center Academic Advisors are available during Fall and Spring semesters.

Plan to see your advisor well before the end of the current semester in order to plan for your next semester.  Advisors are not available during these time periods:
  -the first week of the semester
  -Finals Week
  -Winter Break
  -Spring Break
  -any other Campus Closure

See the Current Semester Advising Hours.

Please make your best effort to meet with your assigned advisor during his or her office hours.  If you have a schedule conflict, please contact your advisor by email and make an appointment . The front desk staff do not schedule appointments.

Advising hours vary from one semester to the next, so check the website during the second week of the semester for the current schedule.