Justice & Legal Studies Exit Exam

The exit exam is a graduation requirement for all of the Justice and Legal Studies academic program options that are listed below. Students must complete the required exit exam(s) for their program major or minor in the semester that they plan to graduate. Students who fail to complete the exit exam for their degree and/or certificate will not receive a diploma until this requirement has been met.  The exit exam is not optional. Students will be allowed at least 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the required exam. All exams will be timed and graded. There is no minimum score required for graduation.

Justice Exit Exam

  • Bachelor of Arts in Justice

Note: Justice majors who elect to major or minor in Legal Studies must meet the Legal Studies Exit Exam requirement for the major or minor as well.

Legal Studies Exit Exam

  • Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies
  • Minor in Legal Studies
  • Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal Studies
  • Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) Paralegal Certificate

Exit Exam Instructions

Frequency of Exam and Participant Eligibility: The exit exam required for a Justice or Legal Studies program will be made available to students in the same semester that they intend to graduate. Only students who apply for graduation are eligible to take the required exit exam.  Students should notify the Justice Center of their intent to apply for graduation in that semester.   Examinees will be granted access to take the electronic exit exam after the dates below:

November 1, 2017 for fall graduation on December 17th
April 6, 2018 for spring graduation on May 6th

Eligible students will be contacted at their UAA-generated email address with instructions for completing the exit exam requirement for their major and/or minor if they have submitted an application for graduation, and have called to request an exam from the Justice Center. Students will be permitted to participate in the electronic exam only once per semester. Any student who is eligible for Disability Support Services at UAA may request an exam through the DSS office. All exit exams must be completed by the last day of class in a given semester to meet this graduation requirement.

Registration Instructions

  1. Students who are eligible for graduation in a given semester should submit an Application for Graduation through UAOnline and pay the required fee and notify the Justice Center at 786-1810 that they have done so.
  2. Students who apply for graduation will receive initial instructions about the exit exam via email to their UAA-generated email address in the same semester that they intend to graduate.
  3. Students must respond to the initial notification and confirm receipt and understanding of the Academic Honesty Policy before they will be granted access to the electronic exam for their major and/or minor.
  4. Students must ensure that they have reliable internet access before they begin. To receive credit, all of the questions on the exit exam must be answered in the time allotted. Once students begin the exam, they will not be allowed to save responses and return to the exam at a later date/time.

Requests to Take an Exit Exam Early

Any student who needs to take the exit exam early must obtain approval via email from the designated Justice or Legal Studies program coordinator.

Exit Exam Participant Completion Forms

Students who complete the exit exam for their declared major and/or minor are also required to return a signed "End of Survey" exit exam form and "Graduate Exit Survey" form to the Justice Center in order to earn credit for participation. Once all paperwork is received, notes will be entered in DegreeWorks for the student to indicate the completion of the required exam. Contact the Justice Center at 907-786-1810 if these notes do not appear in DegreeWorks by the end of finals week.

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