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Justice Center Degrees & Certificates

We welcome questions from prospective and current students, as well as our alumni! We care deeply about our students and are committed to their academic and professional success. The Justice Center offers the following academic program options:

Justice Program

  • A Bachelor of Arts in Justice, with an interdisciplinary approach that prepares students for engaged citizenship; scholarship; justice careers in private and public organizations; and advanced studies in criminology, law, criminal justice, social research, and public administration
  • A Minor in Justice, providing the foundational knowledge and skills required for the evaluation, administration, and improvement of police, court, and correctional policies and organizations
  • Justice Honors, recognizing those undergraduate students who develop exceptional social science research skills

Legal Studies Program

All of the legal studies programs are approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). These programs prepare students for work in law-related or public service fields. These programs do not train lawyers or legal administrators. Graduates are not authorized to provide direct legal services to the public.


Justice faculty have professional research and service obligations beyond classroom teaching. The Center is an organized research unit which, at its own initiative or in response to requests from outside the university, conducts research and public education programs. Efforts are made to ensure that all undergraduate students who major in Justice and Legal Studies have opportunities to work with faculty members on Justice Center research and service projects.

Request Information

For questions about our academic programs, please contact Jo Walker, Academic Program Specialist, at or (907) 786-1811.