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Justice Programs

The Justice Center has statewide responsibility for higher education and research related to the areas of crime, law, and the administration of justice. The Center offers academic programs in two areas:  Justice and Legal Studies/Paralegal.

Under Justice we offer a Bachelor of Arts in Justice, a Minor in Justice, or Justice Honors for those undergraduate students who wish to develop social science research skills.

Justice Curriculum Changes

A modification to the Bachelor of Arts in Justice degree program was approved in 2018 eliminating the requirement that students declare a Minor in another field of study and fulfill all requirements for that minor prior to or concurrently with completion of their BA in Justice degree requirements.  This change takes effect as of the Catalog Year 2018-2019.

Students who have declared Justice as their major prior to the Fall 2018 semester are encouraged to discuss with their advisor whether it is in their best interest to meet the program requirements of their catalog currently in effect or to declare the catalog year 2018-19.