Justice Bachelor of Arts

Notice of Program Change

Prior to Catalog Year 2018-2019, BA in Justice students were required to declare and complete a Minor degree in another subject.  That requirement has been dropped for students coming into the Justice program in Catalog Year 2018-2019 by new enrollment or a Change of Major from a different degree program.  Students currently enrolled in the BA Justice program who wish to drop the Minor must request a Change of Catalog Year from the UAA Registrar.  Students are advised to consult with their Justice Advisor prior to requesting this change, as their program completion may be adversely affected.

Program Information

2018-19 Catalog: Bachelor of Arts in Justice
Bachelor of Arts, Justice Advising Packet (These materials are currently being updated.  Please check back later or contact the Justice Center for information.)

Justice Exit Exam

The Justice Exit Exam is a graduation requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice. Justice majors who apply for graduation are eligible to take the exit exam. For more detailed information regarding eligibility and participant registration, please contact the Justice Center at 907-786-1810.