Forms & Other Resources

Below are the most common forms and resources that are requested from the Justice Center. Please contact us if you have questions about the information on this page.

Academic program materials

Program information, including advising sheets, suggested course sequences and/or catalog information may be found at the following links:


Letters of recommendation

Students who wish to request a letter of recommendation or a reference for financial aid, job applications, applications to graduate or law schools, or for any other purpose from a faculty member, must provide the required documents below to the Justice Center. Each faculty member from whom a reference is requested must receive the original paperwork at least one week ahead of any application deadlines.


The Justice Center offers an Administration Scholarship in the fall, for use in the following Spring semester. Students can apply beginning Oct. 1. Here's how to apply:

  1. Log in to UAOnline
  2. Click on "Student Services & Account Information"
  3. Select "Scholarships"
  4. Select "Scholarships," again

Quick reference guides


Students can obtain the most common academic forms (e.g. academic petition, change of major forms, add/drop forms etc.) from the Office of the Registrar.