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UAA Society of Law & Justice

UAA Society of Law & Justice

Faculty Advisor: Assistant Professor Robert Henderson
Email the Society of Law & Justice at or find us on Facebook at UAA/Justice.

Society of Law & Justice News

All Society of Law & Justice meetings and activities will be announced on the UAA Student Organization website at UAA/Society of Law and Justice. You can also keep track of all our club news on the Justice Center blog under the label Justice Club.

Please Note: Students must be a club member and be current on club dues to participate in club-sponsored tours. 

About the UAA Society of Law & Justice

  • What is the UAA Justice Club?
    We are a university-sponsored club formed to bring together students interested in the Law & Justice fields. We meet regularly to exchange information on relevant Law and Justice topics, hear guest speakers, travel on field trips to facilities related to law and justice, and to act as a support and social network for students and faculty in the UAA Justice and Legal Studies programs.
  • Who can be a member of the Justice Club?
    The club is open to all UAA students who are in good academic standing, regardless of their major.
  • What are some of the Club's past activities?
    Our guest speakers have included attorneys, police officers, mediators, private consultants, probation officers, abuse counselors, and others locally involved in the Justice field. The club has sponsored tours of state correctional facilities, the State Crime Lab, the Anchorage FBI office, the Anchorage courthouses, McLaughlin Youth Center, and other facilities. We have also held picnics and parties for both students and faculty. On occasion, the Justice Club has sponsored members to attend annual meetings of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. The Society of Law & Justice club also sponsors events for National Criminal Justice Month in March of each year.
  • What does the Club hope to do in the future?
    We intend to continue our program of guest speakers, tours, and social events. We also hope to expand our membership to involve other majors and disciplines, as well as those Justice and Legal Studies students at UAA's satellite campuses. In short, we hope to grow.

How to Apply

Society of Law & Justice Application Form

Membership in the Club is $5.00 per semester or $10.00 for a full academic year. The application form can be filled out online and printed out. Please deliver your completed application to one of the officers at a Society club meeting or drop it off in the Justice Center office.