Alaska Justice Forum 9(2), Summer 1992


"University of Alaska Initiates Crime and Arrest Reporting" by John E. Angell

The federal Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act (CACSA) of 1990 was passed in response to concerns about the failure of universities to make campus crime information available to the public. This article presents Justice Center progress and results in the collection and reporting of University of Alaska crime and arrest statistics under CACSA. In 1991 University of Alaska campuses reported a total of 41 offenses and 68 arrests reportable under the act.

"Crime and the Nation's Households, 1991 (A BJS Report)" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Nearly 23 million American households, or 24 percent, were victimized by crime in 1991, according to estimates from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), an ongoing survey of victims of crime first administered in 1972. Based on the BJS report "Crime and the Nation's Households, 1991," NCJ-136950.

"Alaska Prisoners, 1980–1992" by N.E. Schafer and Melissa S. Green

Alaska has experienced exceptional grown in the number of prisoners under the jurisdiction of the Alaska Department of Corrections. This article charts the growth in Alaska's incarcerated population from February 1980, when the Alaska jail and prison population numbered 770, to July 1992, when the population was 2,474. During this period Alaska's total incarcerated population peaked at 2,621 in February 1990.

"Domestic Violence Video"

The Justice Center has completed and released training video "Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement," a half-hour program which investigates the issue of domestic violence from the perspective of the justice system.

"Library Resources"

New holdings in the Justice Center library.