Weather Closure

University of Alaska Anchorage campus will be closed September 24, 2021 beginning at 6:40 AM, due to weather. Students and employees should check their email for more information. The university will remain closed for the weekend and reopen on Monday morning.

The Alaska Airlines Center will be open Saturday, September 25, for the home volleyball match that afternoon.

Alaska Justice Forum 9(4), Winter 1993


"Alternatives to Incarceration: Suggestions from the Past" by N.E. Schafer and A.B. Dellinger

Crowded prisons and a runaway corrections budget have led many in Alaska to call for alternatives to incarceration. Before an alternative sentencing program is initiated, certain questions about it should be addressed: (1) Is it a genuine alternative to incarceration? (2) Is it fair? (3) Is it good for the community, the offender, and the victim? This article examines evidence from a former alternative program, the Alaska Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI), as a basis for discussing these questions in the belief this may prove instructive in establishing new alternatives.

"Drug Enforcement and Treatment in Prisons, 1990 (A BJS Report)"

Based on the BJS report "Drug Enforcement and Treatment in Prisons, 1990," NCJ-134724, this article uses information provided to the Census of State and Federal Adult Correctional Facilities to describe drug interdiction methods used in 957 state prison facilities, 250 state community-based facilities, and 80 federal prisons operating in 1990.

"Community Policing" by John E. Angell and Roger C. Miller

The authors argue that community policing is a significant alternative to the traditional criminal apprehension arrangements used in urban policing; describe the philosophical foundation, organization, and management of community policing; and examine the implications adoption of community policing has for other components of the justice system, including prosecution, courts, and corrections.

"Coming to Anchorage Video Available"

Announcing the re-release of the videotape "Coming to Anchorage: A Guide for Rural Alaskans."