Alaska Justice Forum 10(1), Spring 1993


"Processing Serious Crimes in Alaska: Do Differences Exist?" by A.B. Dellinger

Comparing data on rape cases in Alaska with similar data for other violent crimes may help to clarify how the crime of rape is handled within the justice system. Comparison of criminal justice processing for 1986–1991 of homicide, rape, robbery, and assault cases supports the conclusion that the percentage of persons arrested, prosecuted, and brought to trial on the original arrest charge is lowest for rape among the four violent crimes. Other differences between dispositions for persons arrested for rape and those arrested within the other three crime categories are also evident.

"Prisoners in 1992 (A BJS Report)" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Describes federal and state correctional populations as of the end of 1992 and discusses possible reasons for the increased rates of incarceration from the previous year. There were 883,593 prisoners under state or federal juridiction at yearend 1992, an increase of 7.2% over 1991 figures.

"Video Receives Recognition"

"Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement," an educational video program produced and written by Antonia Moras, received an honorable mention in the 24th Annual International Cindy Awards Competition.