UAA Campus is Open

We are pleased to report the UAA Anchorage campus will open on Wednesday, Dec. 5, following last Friday's earthquake. The Chugiak-Eagle River Campus will remain closed, but classes will resume in alternative locations. Students should check UAOnline for their new meeting location. As you return to campus, we encourage you to check the web page for important safety tips and resources about how to submit work requests to facilities for repairs. Please continue to check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates.

Alaska Justice Forum 10(2), Summer 1993

Alaska Justice Forum 10(2), Summer 1993

"A Sociolinguistic Mismatch: Central Alaskan Yup'iks and the Legal System" by Phyllis Morrow

Legal professionals working in the Central Alaskan Yup'ik (Eskimo) region of southwest Alaska commonly observe relatively high rates of confession and guilty pleas among Yup'ik clients. This article describes data from 1991 field research in Bethel, Alaska which reveal significant differences between prevailing legal and Yup'ik sociolinguistic norms that appear to contribute to this pattern, and recommends measures to alleviate problems of miscommunication which may result in unequal justice. A shorter version of this article was published as "The Language of Justice: Central Alaskan Yup'iks and the Legal System" in Criminal Justice 9(2), Summer 1994 [American Bar Association, Section of Criminal Justice].

"Jail Inmates in 1992 (A BJS Report)" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Describes findings from the 1992 Annual Survey of Jails, which reported data from 1,113 jails in 795 jurisdictions. An estimated 444,584 inmates were held in local jails throughout the country on June 30, 1993 — a 4.2% increase over 1991 figures. Also reports on large jurisdictions with jail facilities under court orders or consent decrees regarding population reductions or other confinement conditions and on special jail programs and alternatives to incarceration.