Alaska Justice Forum 12(2), Summer 1995


"Community Problems in Alaska: Public Perceptions"

As part of a research project undertaken in late 1994 with the Alaska Department of Public Safety, the Justice Center conducted a public opinion telephone survey concerning quality of life and public safety issues in Alaska communities. This article excerpts portions of the study dealing with public perceptions of the most serious community problems, the most serious public safety problems, and the best means of solving serious public safety problems in survey participants' communities.

"Study of Tort Cases (A BJS Report)" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

During a one-year period ending in 1992, state courts of general jurisdiction in the nation's 75 largest counties disposed of an estimated 378,000 tort cases involving 1.4 million plaintiffs and defendants. This article reports on results from a study of tort cases in state court conducted by the Civil Trial Court Network Project.

"Crimes and Arrests on the UAA Campus" by Roger C. Miller and Cassie Atwell

University of Alaska Anchorage educational research sites are relatively free from serious crimes, according to 1991-1994 offense and arrest statistics compiled by the Justice Center. Under the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act (CACSA) of 1990, institutions of higher education must prepare, publish, and distribute to students and employees an annual compilation of reported crimes and arrests which have occurred on a campus. This article presents statistics since 1991, when CACSA reporting at UAA was initiated.