Alaska Justice Forum 12(4), Winter 1996


"Village Alaska: Community Characteristics and Public Safety"

In early 1995 Justice Center researchers conducted on-site interviews with residents and officials of 28 Alaska villages to gather information about village public safety and policing needs. This, the first of several articles examining results of the study, describes characteristics, government, and social control in the predominately Alaska Native villages.

"National Prisoner Population Growth: A BJS Report" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

At the end of June 1995, state and federal prisons held 1,104,074 inmates — about two-thirds of the more than 1.5 million adults incarcerated in the U.S. in mid-1995. (The other third, primarily people awaiting trial or serving sentences of a year or less, are held in local jails.) The U.S. prison population increased 8.8 percent between mid-1994 and mid-1995. This article was derived from the BJS reports "Prisoners in 1994", NCJ-151654 and "Prisoners at Midyear 1995", NCJ-158021.

"Alaska Prison Data: Some Comparisons" by N.E. Schafer

According to June 1995 data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Alaska ranks 41st among the 50 states in the number of persons incarcerated, but ranks among the middle of all states for its rate of incarceration. This article compares Alaska with states of similar population in an effort to understand the disparity in its rankings. Racial disparities in Alaska's prison population may be a factor.

"New Justice Center Web Site" by Melissa S. Green

An introduction to the kinds of justice and legal resources available through the Justice Center Web Site, which went online in December 1995.