Alaska Justice Forum 13(1), Spring 1996


"The Trial and Hanging of Nelson Charles" by Averil Lerman

An account based on historical research of the trial and execution for murder of a Native fisherman, Nelson Charles, in Juneau in 1939. This was one of the last executions in Alaska, which abolished the death penalty in 1957. The article looks at the circumstances surrounding the crime, the trial and the execution.

"Capital Punishment, 1994 (A BJS Report)" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports on capital punishment in the U.S. in 1994, during which 13 states executed 31 prisoners. Based on the Bureau of Justice Statistics report "Capital Punishment 1994", NCJ-158023.

"Public Safety: Shared Responsibility"

Further discussion of results from the statewide public safety project conducted in 1994 by the Justice Center for the Alaska Department of Public Safety. The article focuses on the information derived from on-site interviews conducted in twenty-eight rural communities with predominately Alaska Native populations. Specific, localized arrangements for public safety are described.

"Alternative Sanctions in Germany: An NIJ Report" by the National Institute of Justice

Research indicates that youthful offenders sent to prison have higher rates of recidivism than those given alternative sanctions. This article summarizes research findings on the effect of alternative sanctions on juvenile offenders in Germany.