Alaska Justice Forum 13(2), Summer 1996


"Indigent Legal Services in Alaska"

An overview of the legal resources, both criminal and civil, available to Alaskans with low incomes. The article focuses primarily on the Public Defender's office and Alaska Legal Services.

"Indigent Criminal Defense: A National Perspective (A BJS Report)"
by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

The Bureau of Justice Statistics describes criminal defense services for low income people throughout the United States. Based on the Bureau of Justice Statistics report "Indigent Defense", NCJ-158909.

"Tort Reform and Access to the Courts" by Lisa Rieger

Like indigent criminal defendants and low income individuals with family law or housing problems, potential plaintiffs in civil tort actions can suffer from their inability to pay for attorneys and their lack of familiarity with the court system. This article examines tort reform efforts in Alaska and nationwide which may result in decreased access to the courts for individuals with low incomes.

"Sex Offender Treatment Program"

This article describes results of a recidivism study of participants in the Sex Offender Treatment Program at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center from January 1987 to August 1995.